A Statement from Darryl Dobbs (Dobber) Regarding His Health

by Dobber on June 10, 2017
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  • A Statement from Darryl Dobbs (Dobber) Regarding His Health


A Statement from Darryl Dobbs (Dobber) Regarding His Health

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been around much over the last few weeks. The reason is I’ve been diagnosed with a rare bone marrow cancer called Myelodysplastic Syndrome, or MDS. It is in a high risk, aggressive stage and I will need to undergo a stem cell bone marrow transplant.

Beginning next week, I will undergo chemo treatments. This is to prepare my body for the risky procedure. In medical-ese, my “blast count” is at 15% and chemo is needed to hopefully push this number below 10%. Otherwise, the procedure won’t work.

This is obviously a serious disease, but I draw inspiration from Robin Roberts. She is formerly of ESPN and a current host of Good Morning America, who was diagnosed with the same thing back in 2012. And after her own transplant, she is back and doing great five years later.

I am ready for this fight. And I will fight harder than anyone has ever fought, because I have two kids who need their father and there is no way I let some piece of shit cancer take that from them. You know me – I don’t lay down. And the stakes don’t get any higher. You think I go hard after a fantasy hockey win? You ain’t seen nothing!


What will happen with the site?

The site is in good hands. You know this. Over the course of 12 years I have put together an amazing team. The content continues to roll in. And the team of Ramblings writers – Ian Gooding, Mike Clifford, Neil Parker and Steve Laidlaw – have really been bringing it. Peter Harling has been dynamite running DobberProspects, while Mario Prata, Eric Daoust, Michael Hiridjee and my programmer Riasat have been a great support behind the scenes.

I’ll be stepping back from Ramblings for a couple of months. All of my time, when the kids aren’t around, will be spent putting together the Fantasy Guide. And the rankings will continue to go up, though they may be late at times. The Fantasy Prospects Report is already out. I have an early jump on things doing the prep work and as long as that is done – I can do the projections after July 4th (when teams are more finalized). At any point after that, I can pass it off to Mario who, as a co-founder of the Forecaster Magazine, he has plenty of experience putting guides together. Or perhaps I’ll be healthy enough to keep going until it’s done! Either way, you can count on it. And it will have my projections.

I have removed the Ultimate Fantasy Pack from the shop for this year. This is because I don’t want to guarantee a Midseason Guide. I’ll probably still have one, even if it’s delegating the work. But I don’t want to have it guaranteed, so I won’t be selling an Ultimate Pack this year. To those few who bought the UFP quickly before I removed it: if, in December, I decide that a Midseason Guide isn’t feasible, I will refund the difference and change your purchase to a Keeper League Pack.

Regarding Fantasy Hockey Geek – we will get this prepared for you over the next month, but just be patient. I do have your order.


What can you do?

Please keep positive thoughts for my family and I. Beyond that, I will be okay. Continue to support the site. Keep it strong for me while I’m away (you’ll see me in the forum from time to time, still). Buy the Guides, turn off ad-blocker (turn it on again if an ad annoys you!), join the forum community. That’s a great way to show support. Other than that, there’s not much you can do.



I have two sisters. If one of them is a bone marrow match, then it significantly increases my chances of success for a bone marrow transplant. Otherwise, I need to look to the World Bank for a match. If you ever wanted to become a donor, there is information on that here.



This is why I’m going to fight so hard - my wife, Hemwanti, and my kids Avery (8) and Mackenzie (6): 





Thank you everyone. You are about to witness me winning the ultimate keeper league.




  • Phil

    Darryl, just wanted to let you know you and you’re family are in my thoughts. My wife has beaten both Hodkins (around the time Mario had it) and breast cancer. Both have been in remission for many years. You CAN and WILL beat this. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Phil aka islefan31

  • BW

    All the best, Dobber. I’m going to support you and the site right here, right now!

  • Alain Lance

    Just reading this now – all the best Darryl and family.

  • Joe Laratta

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family Dobber!

  • Big Ulf

    Just saw this; Dobber your work has always been top-notch and a good part of that is because we can feel you in the articles. Thank you for sharing and know that the community you built is behind you.
    Beautiful family you have there and I know you’ve inspired many of us to see what we can do to help.

  • Allister

    So sad to hear this news Dobber! May your beautiful family provide you inspiration as you fight this…I have several health issues that sometimes leave me bedridden. Finding your site (Nearly 10 years ago) has provided me with hours and hours of entertainment as well as some thing for my father to discuss and bond over. Thanks so very much. I will be forever grateful!

  • brad park

    You make it difficult to not like you and your family. Hope it turns out good and as quickly as possible.

  • marsid6687

    Hey Dobber, just saw this statements after checking in on the ramblings. Fuck cancer, kick its fucking ass! Thoughts and prayers to you and your family during this time.

  • Ned Flanders

    Thinking of you Dobber….You have many, many friends here rooting for you

  • Curley

    My Prayers are with you and your family.. God Bless.. Looking forward to your prompt return! xo

  • P Morrison

    Darryl u r a real inspiration. Keep strong my brother. If you need any non fantasy advice to help you through this mess let me know. I deal with the natural route that’s tremendously effective. You know diet and stuff. It will help your body get through chemo too.

    Love to u and yours

  • Bob Segave

    God Bless you and your family! Keep pushing forward and keep the faith strong!