DobberHockey Announces Partnership with Sportsnet

by Dobber Sports on September 8, 2015
  • The Dobotomy
  • DobberHockey Announces Partnership with Sportsnet announces a partnership with Sportsnet for the 2015-16 NHL season.


The agreement will see DobberHockey as the exclusive fantasy hockey provider to for the coming campaign. Exclusive content will include a weekly 'goalie starts' article, 'Dobber's mailbag' and several others. Sportsnet will also post the monthly Top 300 Keeper League Player Rankings, in conjunction with DobberHockey.


"This is obviously a big step forward for both myself and the websites that I launched." Said DobberHockey founder Darryl Dobbs. "I'm very excited to be affiliated with Sportsnet in this way. And I'm just as excited to give some of the DobberHockey writers, who have provided fantasy owners with such quality work for so long, a new platform with a wider audience. Every hockey fan in Canada knows Sportsnet."


Content from DobberHockey is on Sportsnet beginning today and will run through the entire season. Dobbs will also be providing fantasy impact analysis "one-offs" for any major trades or signings that happen as they happen.


The first article can be found here


  • frozenpools

    Congrats Dobber! Let me know if you wanna parter with FP now too. If anything, avoid the domain confusion 😉

  • Chris

    Super cool! Congrats Dobber!!


  • GB

    Congrats Dobber!

  • Frank St-Amand

    Although i like to keep your website and insight secret from the other poolers in my pool, this is great news!  Bravo!

  • Nick Lo

    That's an incredible achievement! Congrats, you guys have earned it as the premier source for fantasy hockey in the world.

  • Dobber Sports

    Thank you everyone!

  • Cam Robinson


  • Juliano

    Congrats! Well deserved!

  • Jonathan Grossman

    The secret's out now.  Thanks a lot Dobbs.  Now I'll have to work harder to keep my edge.  Grr.

    Seriously, congratulations!  A fantastic accomplishment!

  • Jesse Ross

    Congratulations man, well done on the site and your content 🙂

  • Chad Burly

    Congrats! now you can buy a rolls royce for each day of the month.

  • Sergey

    Gongrats! You guys worth it!