DobberHockey Experts Panel – NHL Playoffs 2019 – Second Round

by Ian Gooding on April 25, 2019
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  • DobberHockey Experts Panel – NHL Playoffs 2019 – Second Round

Well, those Round 1 picks didn’t quite go as planned. All four division winners (Tampa Bay, Washington, Nashville, Calgary) have now been eliminated. ALL FOUR. Has there ever been a first round with so many upsets?

Regardless, the Dobber Hockey panel is back to give this another try for Round 2. I won’t embarrass anyone by posting individual round totals (let’s just say mine turned out horribly), but our esteemed panel checked in with a (cough, cough) 2-6 record. The only teams the panel picked correctly were Boston (over Toronto) and St. Louis (over Winnipeg). Check out our full list of Round 1 picks here.  

Because hockey “intelligence” didn’t factor much into the Round 1 results, we’re going to compare by tossing a coin for each of the series results to find out if that might be a better predictor.

The panel’s lifetime overall record after the first round is 91-51.

Here are the Round 2 matchups:

Eastern Conference

Boston Bruins vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

New York Islanders vs. Carolina Hurricanes

Western Conference

St. Louis Blues vs. Dallas Stars

San Jose Sharks vs. Colorado Avalanche

About the panel's picks:

This may not reflect who the actual Stanley Cup favorite is, but St. Louis was picked as the most likely team to advance to the conference final. This may have as much to do with the panel having a lack of faith in Dallas as it does about St. Louis’ strengths. Can likely Calder Trophy finalist Jordan Binnington (.908 SV% in 2019 playoffs) continue his incredible run? Or can Vezina Trophy finalist Ben Bishop (.945 SV% in 2019 playoffs) lead the Stars to another upset?

The toughest series to pick was Boston vs. Columbus. Of the teams remaining, the Bruins (107 points) have the best record; however, we’ve learned that total regular-season points means very little in these playoffs. The Blue Jackets are better than a typical 8-seed and the logic might be that if they can beat Tampa Bay, they can also beat Boston. One team will be more well-rested than the other, which might count for something.

For the coin toss, the team with home-ice advantage was given heads. The type of coin used was a loonie that is no luckier than your average Canadian one-dollar coin. Each team was given seven games.

Need a do-over on your playoff bracket? has a Second Chance Bracket.

Here are our full results, with the consensus picks in the final box of the table below.

Agree? Disagree? Comments?

About the panel:

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Enjoy the playoffs, folks!