Frozen Pool: Exciting new – FREE – tools have arrived!

by Dobber Sports on January 22, 2012
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  • Frozen Pool: Exciting new – FREE – tools have arrived!


Press Release: We did it again. As the leader in fantasy hockey innovation, DobberHockey’s Frozen Pool has introduced another kick-ass tool – FREE to everyone. In addition, some popular tools have been moved from the members section and made available to you for free.


First, the new tool


This is a “newsfeed” covering Fantasy Hockey. It’s a bullet list of player info that gives you the lowdown on a player, hyperlinked to the source. Injuries, scratches, streaks and more all at your fingertips. Each line links to the player’s profile (more on this below), as well as the “Tweet” or the news item that it was found. Find the new tool here, or via the navigation menu up top, or by just going to the Frozen Pool section. Here’s a screen shot:




Secondly, we have moved some tools into the free section. There are several sites out there who have effectively taken Jason Arbuthnot’s idea, format and layout on a couple of things and have re-created it and made it available for free. While their product is not as thorough as Jason’s, it’s good enough for a lot of readers who were quite offended having to suddenly pay 60 to 83 cents per month (depending on the package) for something that was previously free. The result has seen some cannibalization of DobberHockey’s traffic growth.


Because these tools are free elsewhere, we have made the move to offer them free here, adding them to the lengthy list of free products/information already made available at DobberHockey. These ‘free’ tools are:


  1. 1. Quick Reports – Line Combos – Last Game

This gives you, with a quick click of the team, the precise line combos by percentage of their shifts together, during the team’s last game.


  1. 2. Quick Reports – Line Combos – Last 3 Games

Same as above, but for the last three games.


  1. 3. Player Fantasy Profiles

If you select a player, this tool will give you his stats over the last several games, as well as line combo information and a chart graphing his ice time.



And on top of this, we still have enough value and innovation to make a purchase of the rest of the tools still worthwhile. A membership at Frozen Pool ($9.99 annual, $2.99 month, or as little as $7.00 with other packages) gives you the following tools:


  1. REAL TIME line combos. That’s right. A game going on right now? Get in there and check out the lines that have been put together so far. Sample pic here.
  2. CUSTOM dated line combos. Any year going back six years, any start date through any end date.
  3. LINE PRODUCTION. How did a player do playing with certain players? Who is he the most/least productive playing with?
  4. GAME PLANNER. Do not make your pro-line picks without consulting this bit of genius. Sample pic here.
  5. FANTASY MANAGER. Track your entire team, track several of your teams – the full stats line on all your guys.
  6. LINE MATCHUPS. Who does the team put out there to defend against Evgeni Malkin? Which player faces the easier opposition – David Krejci or Patrice Bergeron? Questions answered with this amazing tool. Sample pic here.
  7. COMPARE-A-PLAYER/COMPARE-A-GOALIE. Forty-one categories to compare. Side-by-side. Sample pic here.
  8. REPORT GENERATOR, ROTO RANKER, ROTO RATER, TOP FORWARDS (WEEK), TOP FORWARDS (MONTH), TOP DEFENSEMEN (WEEK/MONTH), TEAM SCOUT (NEW!) and so much more. Any stat, any range of dates, broken down by team, position or league-wide. Sample pic of all the stats and options here.



Those are the “extra” tools that you can get for a small fee, and support the tools and the site while you’re at it.


But DobberHockey, being a free website, will continue to offer you unbeatable help in leading you to fantasy hockey glory:


–          Ramblings, from Darryl Dobbs, Jeff Angus and’s Chris Nichols, 365 days a year. Free.

–          Rankings every month for keeper players, defensemen, prospects, goaltenders and roto players. Free.

–          Columns – over 15 of them every week to give you all the angles. Free.

–          Forum with over 10,000 active members and a great, respectful community. $10. Just kidding. Free.

–          Features such as Band-Aid Boys, Windex Wonders and tips on how to start a keeper league. Free.

–          Dobber Nation, a monthly Podcast with great guests. Free.

–          Quick Report line combos for the last game and the last three games. Free.

–          Fantasy Player Profiles. Free.

–          Fantasy Newsfeed, giving you the latest sourced injury news and other fantasy tidbits. Free.

–          A starting goalie grid for today’s games. Free. “Tomorrow’s games” will also be moved to become free shortly.

–          Contests with giveaways – always free to join.


The bottom line is – I want you to win. I want every reader to win. I also believe in a free internet. If I’m charged for something, I want to be able to see a tangible return on what I paid for. Sometimes it’s difficult to balance that with an effective means of supporting costs. But whatever you decide to spend to support this site and the Dobber Sports Network, whether it’s zero dollars or the $58.99 needed to buy every single tool that the DSN has to offer each year – you will get more than your money’s worth, I promise you.



Get the full Press Release of the new – free – fantasy hockey tools here.