Ten Guys I Like From The ’07 Draft

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 angelo esposito

Keeper league junkies do not have a lot of things to look forward to in the summer and are often forced to content themselves with beefing up their teams via trades in order to get their fantasy hockey fix. However, there are a couple of summer dates that are the exception. On July 1, unrestricted free agency opens. The other date, of course, is Jun 22-23. The NHL entry draft. Here are the guys that are prominent on my radar and you should be quick to stick them on yours.


How to Not Make a Mockery of Your Mock

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You've seen a thread somewhere on your favorite messageboard. "Mock Draft Signup!". Odds are good you've seen several of these threads by now. Some promise seven rounds, others three, others just the first thirty. But it doesn't matter. You're hungry to take the ropes of a team at the (fictional) draft table. But before you go and book your social calender solid with twenty mocks, here are some tips- good for both participants and commissioners alike.