Dobber’s Draft Buddy

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    Unprepared for your 2011 Hockey Draft? Dobber's Draft Buddy is here to help!   Draft Buddy provides you with an interactive list of players and their predicted performance for the upcoming 2011 season. Predictions come straight from so you will be able to compete with even your most hard core pool buddies. [...]

My Friend’s Long Lost Cousin Is On Fire

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Johan Franzen


Talk about a weird title. Talk about a weird player to get featured. Surprise! Regardless of if he is truly my bro Goran’s distant relative, he is indeed unstoppable these days. Who would have guessed? He was a sleeper I’ve mentioned before, but this is ridiculous. In the past month, he has ranked among the elite of the professional biscuit depositors.

December 21, 2007

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 Justin Williams has a torn ACL that will require surgery and he is out for the rest of the regular season.  Today's Hockey News article is up - I have some great insights on there that you will be interested in. Or you ca