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Unprepared for your 2011 Hockey Draft? Dobber’s Draft Buddy is here to help!


Draft Buddy provides you with an interactive list of players and their predicted performance for the upcoming 2011 season. Predictions come straight from so you will be able to compete with even your most hard core pool buddies.


Fantasy magazines are published in June and are way out of date by September. With Dobber’s Draft Buddy, the most up-to-date player information can be downloaded instantly with a single button tap. The player list is customizable to your pool scoring rules and can easily be sor ted by team and by position. Crossing off picked players and tracking available ones is a snap.




As well as tracking players taken in your draft, you also have the option of recording players you have chosen for your own team. If you’ve ever lost track of how many forwards you’ve taken and how many more defensemen you need, you’ll appreciate this feature!





Injured players are highlighted on the player list with a red cross icon making it easy to avoid those early season disappointments.


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A wireless connection is not needed to use Dobber’s Draft Buddy.


The Draft Buddy App can be purchased in the iTunes App