Bochenski in Boston

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The Bruins picked up 24-year-old winger Brandon Bochenski from the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for Kris Versteeg and a conditional draft pick.
bochenskiBoston Bruins: Pick up an offensively gifted player in Bochenski who does not always bring his 'A' game and who is more of a complement to a first or second line than he is a catalyst of one. He has 70-point upside and is ranked 67th on my fantasy prospects list.

Chicago Blackhawks: Kris Versteeg has really picked up his offensive game over the past month or two in the AHL, and if he can ever stick in the NHL could register 60 points on a second line. At 5-9, 160 he will have trouble sticking in Chicago. See Tony Salmelainen and Martin St. Pierre for details.

Fantasy Players Impacted: Brandon Bochenski's value just went up a little. A fresh start is always good. He may even make an immediate impact. If he does, that would be the time to trade him. He is the type of player that could show great chemistry with Marc Savard and pick up 12 points in 10 games…and then follow that up with zero points in 10 games and play himself out of the lineup.

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