Blues, Bliss, and Anna Nicole Smith

Jim Gunther


In order to stay ahead of the curve you have to take some risks. While the risks do not always payoff, failure is not necessarily a negative.

Failure can give you an indication on what you need to do to succeed. For a man to make a mistake and not correct and learn from it is committing another mistake. So as this season rolls on try to figure out what to do and what not to do. While there is no exact formula to follow you can make adjustments on where you have faltered. Maybe now is a good time to answer a few looming questions.

How do you know if you have the fantasy hockey blues?

Are you not adjusting your lineup as often?

Is your team so good that you do not have to make any changes?

Are you not watching games as much as you did toward the beginning of the season?

Are you not as psyched to look up box scores because you know your players are slacking?

Is your place in the standing not what you hoped it would be?

Are you looking to trade players to someone in your league so that another someoneanna nicole does not win?

Are you the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby? 

Did you accidentally give up on a player too soon and drop him?

Do you regret making or not making that trade you talked about?

Did you draft the wrong player(s)?

Did you listen to the wrong advice?

Was it injuries?

Did you hold on to a player too long that didn’t deserve it?

Did you not draft the right goalies?

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Did you draft players in the wrong order?

Are you pissed that someone else in your league got lucky with some random picks?

Are you looking at your roster and wondering why your team is not doing better?

Do you still have players on your team that are not doing anything?

Why are you holding onto slackers?

Can you still turn it around?