The Count from Sesame Street was onto something … it’s all about the numbers

Chris Burns


1,000,000 – The number of page hits Dobber’s site passed on Wednesday. Pretty damn impressive for a slack-jawed yokel from the suburbs of Toronto. I’m sure I speak for all of us in congratulating Dobbs on this milestone, and in thanking him for having no life so that we may finish in the upper half of our pools. Congrats buddy.

12th – The place I find myself in my 17-year keeper league. I guess it’s the price I pay for selling my soul in order to rebuild a dynasty. I may be in 12th this year, but my keepers will be Malkin, St. Louis, J. Staal, Radulov, Kessel, Chara, Carle, and M.A. Fleury. Growing pains for ass-kicking gains I say.

22 – The number beside the plus symbol when you look at Chris Pronger’s stat line as of today. This becomes interesting because it is also the number you get when adding Lupul (-15) and Smid (-7) together in Edmonton, with the slight but meaningful difference of having a minus before it. With the next two draft classes looking sub-par, this trade is one of the most lopsided in recent memory. Under pressure or not, Lowe could have done much better. P.S. Pronger is also out scoring them 47-31.

25 – The number of goals that Eric Staal has scored. Also the number of goals that Jordan Staal hasstaals scored. What the hell was in the water in Thunder Bay back in the early 80’s? The crazy thing is that they say Jared is going to be the best of the bunch offensively. Jeesh … I wonder if old man Staal would mind breeding with my wife.

3.5 – The number of hours late I arrived home after a night out with “the boys” last weekend.

0 – The amount of action I have gotten this week due to this late arrival