Keeper League #1

Dobber Sports



These rules are for the pool that Dobber himself runs:





1. Money league, skaters, goalie, farm

2. Regular season, playoff and rookie trophies and winnings

3. Majority vote every three years on whether or not to increase entry fee

4. $100 minimum bid to purchase new franchise with access earnings going to previous owner

5. Appearance at draft is mandatory: only your death, funeral or serious injury is an acceptable excuse

6. Only NHL drafted or signed players are eligible for draft

7. Max five trades per season with UNLIMITED trading in offseason

8. Two complaints followed by a 75% veto vote to nullify a trade

9. Only one free agent signing each season

10. Free agent signing must be 24 or older. Younger players are only available in draft





This is an ongoing pool. This means that the players you choose in the first draft could feasibly be on your team in the year 2025.  Everything possible is being done to ensure that everyone in this pool is extremely knowledgeable about hockey, and extremely serious about hockey pools.  I don't want people quitting after three years just because they've done poorly.  Suck it up and rebuild.  Sure it costs money, but it's not about the money, it's about fun (and bragging rights). $100 per year. This must be paid on or before draft day in cash. Exceptions need to be arranged with me beforehand, and SOME leeway will be given in extreme circumstances. Failure to comply will result in your team being auctioned off to the highest bidder. At which point, $100 would go towards the entry fee, and the remainder will go to the owner selling the team.

2.    Every three years, the owners will review the entry fee. Only by majority vote, will the fee be increased. (A vote GREATER than 50% of the owners)

3.    No refunds, obviously.

4.    Ideally, everyone will be in this pool for decades, but there will be times when people quit. When this happens, anyone interested in joining the pool will submit bids to me, sealed in an envelope, by a deadline. The minimum bid is $120; any access earnings will go to the owner that put the team up for sale.

5.    One point is given for a goal, and one point is given for an assist.  The team with the most points at the end of the regular season or playoffs wins.  Tiebreaker #1 is most goals by the 12 members of the pro team (revised April 15th, 2002). Tiebreaker #2 is best +/- rating by the 12 members of the pro team.  No prizes will be split unless the unlikely event that all three of the above end in a tie.

6.    Every year, prior to the draft, owners can submit proposals for rule adjustments or additions. A vote of greater than 50% would pass the proposal.


Awards/Prize Money

1.    The following is the prize structure based on 14 teams (September 29th, 2012):

12 owners x $100.00:     $1200.00

1st place, regular season        $375.00 and the XXXX Cup (trophy)
2nd place, regular season        $200.00
3rd place, regular season