Keeper League #3

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How to Start a Keeper League – Version #3

Here is a keeper league that involves a salary cap, with rotisserie-style scoring (12 points if you are first in a category, one point if you are last, in a 12-team league). This one is pretty cool…from Ryan.


Ryan’s Keeper Features Summary:

1. Yahoo hosted, offline drafting, money league

2. Top five teams make bank

3. 12-team rotisserie style league with 21-man rosters

4. Intricate Salary calculations

5. Salary Cap after the first year

6. Exceeding Salary Cap results in point deductions

7. Actual NHL Trade Deadline

8. Seven votes to veto. Difficult to veto because some trades are salary based.

9. IR players do not count against cap.

10. Six farm spots for players with under 25 games of NHL experience.


League Host

1. Yahoo Fantasy Sports hosts the league.
2. All drafts are done offline, with the exception of the first draft.
A. The commissioner manually enters the rosters to Yahoo Fantasy Sports because you can not keep rosters over the off season.
Fees & Payout
1. Each team is required to pay $50 per year to stay in the league. The money distribution for the top five teams is:
$250, $125, $100, $75, $50
A. This ensures that teams are competitive long into the season, as the point of this pool is not money; it's pride.



1. Each team's roster of 21 players is divided into the following positions:
3 LW, 3 C, 3 RW, 4 D, 1 Utility (Any Position), 2 G, 5 Bench, 2 IR
2. Position eligibility is determined by Yahoo.

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1. This league is rotisserie style (see Yahoo for more information) with cumulative stats throughout the regular season only.
2. Rankings are on a scale of 1 to 12 in each of the 10 categories (6 players, 4 goalies).
2. The points you receive for each category are based on you rank.
A. If you finish first, you receive 12 points, second 11 points, and so on, until the last place team receives 1 point.
B. If there is a tie in any category, the teams receive the average points for all tied positions. If there is a tie for first (between two teams), each team receives 11.5 points ((12+11)/2). If there is a tie for first (between three teams), each team receives 11 points ((12+11+10)/3)).
2. Because there are 12 points per category and 10 categories, the maximum number of points a team can earn is 120.
A. For Players: Goals, Assists, +/-, Penalty Minutes, Power Play Points, Game Winning Goals
B. For Goalies: Goals Against Average, Save Percentage, Wins, Shutouts

Salary Formula

1. After the first season, every player who played more than 25 games will have their salary assessed using a formula.
A. For playe