Headline? I don’t need no freakin’ headline

Chris Burns



Again this week I find myself struggling to come up with a topic worthy of a full column. With very little left to address in regards to the regular season pools there isn’t much that hasn’t been addressed already, and without knowing the playoff teams and/or match-ups, it is almost pointless to start making projections and forecasts as to their outcomes.


This leaves me spinning my mental wheels as to what I can amaze you with this week, and the result is my first ever Top 10 list.


This week’s list is called:

Top 10 Random Things I Came Up With In Order To Fudge This Week’s Column


1)    How great is the Jeff Cowan story in Vancouver. The guy has some serious chemistry playing with the Sedin boys, and after his second goal the other night in Vancouver, a female fan threw her bra onto the ice. Think about how hilarious it will be if that fad catches on!!! A friend on mine, Brian Cairo, who lives out in the Vancouver area and consistently makes my “Funniest 3 People I Know” list, mentioned that his new nickname should be Cowan The Brabarian. This kind of stuff is what makes sports so damn great.


2)    My pick for Stanley Cup champions remains the Buffalo Sabres, and after hearing the following factoid recently, I have more confidence than ever in my choice. When the regular season wraps up on April whatever, the Sabres will have played only 3 games outside of their time zone all year. Tell me that isn’t one of the most bizarre acts you have heard in a long time. 3 games out of 82 were played out of the Eastern Time Zone, and to make this even more favorable, the three games were played in the next door Central zone. That has gotta make a difference during the playoff grind.


3)    I believe that Chris Simon had no intentions of his stick hitting Hollweg in the chin. If you want to stick a dude in the yap, it isn’t very hard to do it, and therefore I feel Simon was aiming to give him some upper chest music as opposed to the chin music that resulted. I also think his suspension was too long. On the suspension topic, I am shocked that Tootoo was suspended at all. Robidas was about to blindside him and Tootoo turned and gave him a little jab. The only reason Toots got suspended was because Robidas is a little visor wearing wuss and went down like he’d been shot. I can’t stand guys like that.


4)    When it comesto playoff pools, I am a firm believer in the all or nothing approach. I decide which two teams I think are going to the finals, and then I will select most if not all of my guys from those two teams. Sure, you need to pick correct to have any chance of winning, and you may very well wallow in the middle of the pack for most of the first 2 rounds, but like in any other pool, it only matters who is winning when the last game ends.


5)    As things have developed over the last month or so, am I the only one that thinks Anaheim and San Jose have no chance of making it out of the Western Conference? The Sharks can’t seem to get any sort