Fools – of the April Variety

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April Fool



I knew a lot of chumps popped by this site from time to time, but I had no idea how many.

Did you really think that a site this awesome would go down like that?

Seeing that the date is April Fool's day, I thought "Hey, let's see how many fools come to my site." I'm disappointed to see that the answer is: lots.



First of all – this site is going nowhere but up. If you ever thought otherwise – shame on you. Being a fantasy hockey pro, you should know when there is a hot player to ride. In this case, that player is DobberHockey. What were you thinking? This is the best damn fantasy hockey site in history! Geez.

Here is my April Fools article.

Now, for a list of the suckers that fell for my April Fool's joke. Here is what some of the emails and forum posting's said…names will be left out to protect their anonymity:

(this one is the first…and my favorite: "Dobber, Before you go, I want you to know that you built the best fantasy hockey website I have ever been to. What you have achieved is remarkable and very appreciated. I don't want this site to stop. I started using fantasy hockey websites about 5 years ago. Since then I have used about 20 or 30 different sites. Yours is by far the best. None can compare. Even the pay sites that I have used are not as good.

I would pay $20 a year to belong to this site. Think about it Dobbs!!!

If you cant make it work, its a damn shame as this site has the best information, the best articles and the best website posters. Not just you and Buggs and the rest, but the common people that post comments are really knowledgeable about hockey. There is not a lot of flaming on this website which is not something most other sites can say.

📢 advertisement:

Dobbs, I'll miss you mate. Farewell my friend.")

(I got several of these…"what would it take to keep the site going?" and lots of subject lines with "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!")

(I'm touched on this one: "$20 i agree just tell me where to sign