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Playoff Cheat Sheets (info below) will be emailed every hour. Even more frequently as the evening hockey pools begin and people get desperate for something ASAP



Dobber's Interactive Playoff Draft List – the best hockey pool hints, picks, ranks, etc.

Even if you know nothing about hockey – this will give you a genuine shot at victory. 


1. It will be emailed to you on Friday, April 6, in the afternoon at about 4pm. It will be emailed a second time late on Sunday, once all the teams are established. BUY IT NOW .

2. Again – you select the eight winners from the first round, then you select the two Cup finalists, then you click "GO". The list will sort automatically for you, with notes on what is going on with these guys (dark horse, injuries, etc. – it will all be there). Need more info? CLICK HERE

3. Dobber's guarantee: If you correctly choose six of the eight teams that make it to the second round and correctly choose both Stanley Cup finalists…and use this list, you will win. I guarantee that, or I'll refund your money. $7.75. BUY IT

4. Some things you need – make sure I'm on your safelist ([email protected]), make sure that when you pay via PayPal you use a CURRENT email address. Every time, there's always a few people who give an outdated email addy and then email me frantically for a list that I already sent them. You also need MS Excel – with macros allowed. If you don't, you can email m