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Just some snippets of a select few (less than 10%) out of the many emails sent in over the years…






October, 2014


I did really well last year thanks to you and your team’s work. One setup I’m in has 3 leagues – I finished with 2 firsts and a fifth- got the GM of the year honours!  In my other pool I finished third. The up to date info, the quality roto advice you just can’t get anywhere else makes such a difference… You can draft well and be on top of the injury and waiver wire situation. I honestly believe that. Thanks and kudos to you and your team!





April, 2014

From the Forum


There is no doubt in my mind that I couldn’t have come out on top of two leagues without the help of everyone here!

I bought the Dobber Fantasy Guide and it was honestly so worth it (If you have never purchased it, make it happen next year)!





April, 2014



I just wanted to send you a quick note to say “thank you” for all the hard work you and your staff have done over the years. Its been invaluable for my fantasy hockey (now baseball and football too!) education and experience. I signed up on your site and started diving into your content and products in the Fall of 2010. At the time I was playing in only a friends and family partial keeper Roto league and consistently a bottom-6 team. I knew the right players to pick, but I had no clue on valuation, timeframe and projection. I made my fair share of bad trades and never could make noise for more than a few weeks. Now? I’m the champion in my F&F roto league and lost a nail-biter of a final in a big money H2H league (one that you helped to sort out, incidentally).
Thanks for the hard work, keep it up, and thank you for helping me to win some hardware 🙂





April, 2013


Just wanted to let you know that, thanks to you, I won my hockey pool (well, I am ahead by 24 points with only this weekend to go , I won’t be caught) $300 for me , 18 people in the pool and I didn’t get to pick until #16 spot where I picked Martin St Louis. Thanks Dobber !!!! Gareth



August, 2012, at the end of our correspondance: “PS: Fantastic customer service.  I’m a first time user of your product and I am very happy with my purchase.” – Dave



May, 2012: Dobber, I have been in a 16 team, one keeper fantasy league for 10 years. For the first 8 years –


 I used the usual magazines, and never finished higher than 5th.  I was never even really close to thinking I could catch

 the winners.  I looked for something else and came across your site and figured “what the hell”, I would give it a try.  My first year using Dobber, I finished 3rd place out of 16, and was in competition for most of the year.  Finally, in Dobber year #2 (this year 2011-2012) I have won the cup.  I will be hoisting the cup and taking pictures as soon as I can get my hands on it.  This has been the greatest fantasy year of my life – and I owe it to Dobber!  Thanks man!  Subscriber for life!  dontherock02 (pictured on the right)




October, 2011: You get plenty props

  for your product(s) but maybe not enough credit for your customer service. Lots of great products have died on the shelves because people didn’t understand how to deliver them. Ryan

June, 2011: I’ve been a long time reader and supporter of the site and think i’ve purchased almost everything you’ve brought out since the site’s inception. Every year the Prospect Guide is probably my favourite read out of any fantasy hockey related stuff out there. Ollie


May, 2011: Thanks a lot for the quick answer. I must say, I’m really satisfied of the service and info dobberhockey.com provides me. It really is the best poolie site out there! Emile



April, 2011: Dobber, Just want to let you know that I use your web site info and draft list now for two years. I am in two pretty competitive fantasy leagues. One I have been doing with my buddies since 1993. The original president used to do his stats from the news paper box scores and he would mail out the stats each week. I won the first year in 93 but never again until this year. The other fantasy league I joined that my brother has been doing fro a couple of years now. I won that league as well. So I would like to thank you for your great info and I will continue to use your service. You’re the man. THANKS.  Anthony


April, 2011 after the customer sent a frustrated email: Looks great. Amazing customer service. Thanks a lot. Sorry about the nasty email, I was just getting over a long drive on an east coast sales trip and my draft is tonight. I did a lot of prep work last night but this will fill in some gaps. Much appreciated. You have a continued future customer here. Aaron.


April, 2011: Best hockey content on the ‘net and NOW the best customer service too!  I have the guide in my grubby little hands now.  Thanks! (Steve)



January, 2011: The reason that I’m writing is because you guys have released an added feature with the Midseason Guide that if you continue to offer it will keep me a loyal subscriber for as long as DobberHockey is around. That feature is the 3-Year Potential (3YP) forecast.  I absolutely love it.  Your “Upside” (long term potential) stat was interesting, but not particularly useful in critically gauging who to invest in for keeper leagues.  But 3YP totally addresses that deficiency – and gives us a a real edge in identifying which long-term prospects to jump on first.


Well done guys I am definitely a loyal Dobber follower as long as you keep up the 3YP projections with future publications.  Great job in identifying what poolies want – and delivering it in spades. (Ian)


January, 2011: This is the best site/information i have found anywhere. Keep up the excellent work to ALL. (Russell)




October, 2010 – I just wanted to thank you for setting up such an awesome hockey website. Keep up the great work. (Martin)


October, 2010 – This is the 2nd year (upcoming) I have purchsed and used the Draft Kit, and I wanted to comment that your site is my life’s blood in terms of fantasy Hockey info. Down here in North Carolina we always hoped for a team, and now that have one, (and a pretty good one), I can say with pride that Carolina is a true hockey community with truly loyal fans. Your writers and contributors are first rate, and I just wanted to say thanks for all you do! (Michael)


This is the 2nd year (upcoming) I have purchsed and used the Draft Kit, and I wanted to comment that your site is my life’s blood in terms of fantasy Hockey info. Down here in North Carolina we always hoped for a team, and now that have one, (and a pretty good one), I can say with pride that Carolina is a true hockey community with truly loyal fans. Your writers and contributors are first rate, and I just wanted to say thanks for all you do!




September, 2009: Last year I dominated my Keeper Pool, placed second in 2 others(no trades), and 3rd in another, and won my playoff pool. I would rave about you more to my friends but like most of your loyal readers, I want the edge lol. (Norm)


That Prospect Report is just too much!  I’m enjoying my purchase right now and will enjoy it all summer long! There is so much more than I originaly thought in it. Francois (first-time buyer)


Dobber’s Fantasy Guide 2008-09:


(Here is a long-time fan – I love this one): Hey, I figure I owe you a testimonial since this will be my 3rd year purchasing your guide and stealing from your superior hockey knowledge. First year, your guide helped me finish 2nd in a 12 person straight points league that saw me drafting 10th. Second year, your guide helped me stomp the competition in that same straight points league with a 1st place finish and a lead of about 60 points! This year I’ve stopped purchasing ‘the magazines’ all together and will use only your guide. It’s the only one worth the paper it’s printed on! Keep up the good work! Teddy (Oct. 16, 2008)


Dobber, Your guide is the most complete, informative, helpful and easy to understand guide I have ever seen. Louis


I want to thank you again for acting so quickly on replacing my downloads this morning. This is my 2nd year as a Dobber member. I’ve been following and watching hockey for 55 years now and we all think we know it. In fact I don’t plan on going into another fantasy season without the Dobber in my pocket. We have a keeper league and a prospect draft. loved the dobber prospect download! The information and work that you people put into it plus the guide etc. is a real bargain for what we have to pay for it! Keep up the great work and thanks again. Brian aka The Rainman


C’est pour vous remercier pour la version francaise de votre guide de pool!!Ca fait plus de 2 ans que je vous lis tous les jours malgrĂ© mon anglais!!  vos informations sont tellement pertinantes..
thank you again et longue vie au dobber!!!! Martin


Dear DobberHockey, Just a quick email to let you know that I bought your pool guide last year, and did not win my pool. I won three pools. So I'm back as a customer-you have my respect, my appreciation, my loyalty and a few of my bucks. I hope you guys are making some money off of this, because you deserve to.  Keep reaching for higher standards and you will soon be the standard setter for the industry. Cheers, Mateo


About the Website itself:


May 29, 2008: Dobber, I’m usually not in the habit of writing thank you’s, but in this case I’m making an exception.  I had a banner year in my fantasy leagues, in no small part to your website and fantasy guide.  3 first place finishes and a 3rd (and I came from WAY behind on that one) in Yahoo; 3 first place finishes in NHL.com; a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd finish in CBS.  Your website and fantasy guide provided me with the necessary insight to make good decisions over the long haul – and that’s what wins pools. Pete


Feb. 16, 2008: My brother started (playing in a keeper league) for the first time this year, so to help him out I told him to draft from your draft guide, while I drafted from the top 300 list (knowing I wanted my team to be good for a long time).. so far it’s working, he is leading the league, while I’m building a power house. (requests anonymity)


Nov.22, 2007: Hey Dobber. I was supporting you back in late 2005 and early 2006 when I was the only one in my pool who had you as a secret. I won our first Keeper League pool that year too. Thanks to you. Been a strong supporter ever since. I’ve bought ALL your reports and Guides and am happy to say I’m still in 2nd place this year in my pool. The site has come a long way, and I still remember the days of driving you nuts through e mail to ask you Fantasy trade advice. You must of got tired of us. lol. ALWAYS got back to me I must say…Well, I’m on your site daily now, for most of my day. Boy does it cause me trouble at work, and at home! I’m hooked, and you’re the first site I look at in the morning, and the last at night. I love keeping up with the latest, and you have it! Anyways, enough about you..You’re the man!

My suggestion is simple. CHARGE US! I find, as I’m sure others have, that your not the pool secret anymore. More than 1/2 my pool knows about you and its making things too easy for others.
I know you charge for your Guides and stuff, but I find access to a lot of your site free, and it should be for paying members only. I would be glad to invest in all your hard work and time, and I think others in my pool should have to pay for you’re service. A lot of my poolies are not as much Hockey Poolies as I am and don’t put in the effort, but they can browse by your site and pick up valuable info, and not even know a lot about what’s going on.
The Rambling is free and shouldn’t be. Nor should ANY Forums..Charge us, we’d be glad to pay for our precious bragging rights in our pool. Sammy


Nov.21, 2007: Dobber, I've been a fantasy sports geek for years – multiple league championships in football, baseball, and basketball. But hockey? I had NO clue. In fact, this is just my second year of even attempting fantasy hockey. As a member of an Uber Wars group known as Living Legends Elite, I offered myself up like a lamb to slaughter this season and joined a fantasy hockey league (roto) with some of the most competitive gamers in the world, in what's known as Uber Wars. Well, guess what? Currently, I sit in 2nd place, one point out of first in this ultra-competitive league! Of the four other hockey teams that I drafted, three are in first place. I had to tell you that without your site as my ONLY guide to drafting, free agents, NHL lines, etc., I can all but guarantee that I'd be getting killed. In other words: your information is indeed the best ANYWHERE!

At this point, I'd love to be able to tell as many gamers as I can about your site.  Then again, if I do that, I give up the one thing that has given me a huge competitive edge.  So, my compromise is this:  After I win a few of these leagues, and embarrass these "hockey experts," I'll do whatever I can to let as many gamers as possible about your site. Thanks so much for the most comprehensive AND accurate information for fantasy hockey. Dennis


JUNE, 2007: “Hey dobber,
Just writing you to tell you I enjoy the website very much. I believe that I am the ideal fantasy hockey fan that your website targets. I live in detroit and a big fan of the wings and of hockey in general, but I didn’t have the fantasy knowledge needed for a championship team. I am in a deep keeper league where we have twelve teams and carry 40 players, so as you can imagine everyone on skates is taken. It makes the knowledge of third and fourth liners along with young guys more valuable, that’s where you guys come in. Your rankings are awesome and right up my alley just what i needed.

I have been near the bottom of our league the past few years, watching my guys get older and fade into retirement without knowing how to replenish. Your prospects list is outstanding, as i scooped up all the top prospects i was able to trade some prospects for points. As the year went on other owners started finding out about your site( darn for me, good for you). Owners left me messages because they knew i found your site first and picked up all the prospects. Which reminds me, you are getting too big, now my whole league knows about you, I wanted you all to myself (figuratively speaking). I was able to sneak in the playoffs and knock off the top three seeds to win my first fantasy hockey championship. I owe it all you guys… I am on board and loving it.

Thanks again from the proud owner of the XXXXX XXXXX, the 2007 Fantasy hockey champions.
I will get your name engraved on our trophy, the golden keg. Enjoy your summer and thanks for a great fantasy hockey year.”  Mike


(This one is from a guy who bought my preseason pool guide from 2006…in April of 2007. Why? He explains…)

“Awesome, just awesome. I wanted the old one to know whether or not to include next year’s in my pool preparation. That will definitely be the case! Keep up the great work!”


“Hi Dobber, I've finally recovered from the post-celebration hangover following my fantasy team's long-overdue win in my pool and I wanted to give you a tip of the hat. You rock.  Your draft lists rock.  Your Dobberhockey.com website, it rocks as well. Thanks again for the guides, the web page, the forums, etc.  14 years is a long wait between wins and it ended, officially, on Sunday.  I've told a buddy in the pool, who sadly finished last, about your site and fully expect he will be slavishly following every word you ramble.  You can be sure that I will be back for next season, in fact I expect to purchase your guides right away, they are worth it (and I won't even be using the playoff one).
Ah, now to plot the back-to-back championship…”


“I just hate that my whole Pool found out about you! There’s no advantage for me anymore…I hate that… They’re not even doing their homework anymore. They just read what you say and do it! I see them doing moves RIGHT AFTER you’ve posted something. Its frustrating…”


“Hats off to you Dobber…your mid season guide is a thing of beauty!  I opened it up and read all 115 pages at once…its like that best selling novel that just grabs you, and you can’t put it down…well done, a fantasy hockey masterpiece!!!”


First of all, there are a whole slew of them in the forum so if you need more convincing, here is the link: MORE TESTIMONIALS



Sep.21/07: Dear Dobber, I’m sure you get a million testimonials, but…The fact is, where once DobberHockey was a secret weapon, now’s it’s required reading.  It’s like a auto manufacturer offering you power steering — it’s not an option anymore, it’s a must.  Everyone else in my pool now reads your stuff (you’ve even helped a few of us directly), so anybody who didn’t buy your pool guides would be behind.  In other words, you don’t read Dobber to get ahead these days, you need to read it to keep up.
Keep up the good work. Dean


Sep.05, 2007: Great stuff, Dobber. I prefer this over the store bought magazines because 1) in depth on info us readers actually want to read 2) Down to earth writing and 3) Players long term potential and prospect percentages. Ron


Aug.30, 2007: I got both of them (Prospects Report and Pool Guide) and this stuff is GOLD, You guys better be doing this for the playoffs too.  Put me on a list and let me know as soon as you you can get me your playoff or even mid-season reports.  You have a new lifetime customer, well done boys.  Todd


Short and sweet: “You rock !!! Better than last year !” Duane


“dude, it looks fabulous. just wanted to say thanks for a solid effort on the pool guide. i haven’t stopped reading your site since i discovered it a few months ago.” ryan


“I think I love you man..For real… I am a fantasy hockey addict.. I stumbled onto your website 2 weeks back and cannot get off it.   I’ve been in the most amazing keeper league for 6 years now and want to share your site with the boys but don’t.. sorry man.   I’ve been very successful in our league and am going to kick ass again with all of this extra info.   I’m sure it’s a matter of time before they find out anyway..  I’m am hooked on your site. I purchased the prospects report and received the pool guide today and absolutely LOVE it..   What the point of this email?… just to say thanks!.. you’ve created an excellent site where I can feed my fantasy hockey addiction. Keep up the great work!” Elvis


On the fantasy prospect report (JUNE, 2007)

“Wow …this is awesome. Exactly what the Fantasy Hockey enthusiast needs. Great commentary on a tonne of prospects, insight as to who we need to be looking at for next years fantasy draft, and just in time for those long summer months. This should definitely keep me busy until your next release!” Scott



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