The Verdict is in: Dobber Rocks

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*NOTE (For the FULL rundown on what is included in this Fantasy


Hockey Guide, CLICK HERE . It includes a sample. Hey – I wrote for the


SCORE Forecaster and The Hockey News Ultimate Pool Guide this


summer…I think that warrants a quick look at what I have to offer!)













Need more? Ok… 



In the analysis that I present to you below, I will scramble the above five companies and call them companies E, I, L, R and U. Why? Because this took a lot of work and I don’t want the above companies looking at this information for free. If they want to evaluate themselves they are free to, but if they want me to do the legwork they need to show me the money!

I say this even though I contributed to The Hockey News Ultimate Pool Guide as well as The Score Forecaster.

Here are the results: