The DobberHockey Crew – Round 3

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We did it again. The team, as a group, went 3-1 in Round 2 and the site's record overall is an astounding 10-2. I can't stress this enough – go by our consensus picks next year when going to your playoff draft. I will be. These numbers are too impressive to ignore! Here are the facts/figures about Round 2, and our picks for Round 3.

To date:

Angus was 6-2 and 2-2, so he is 8-4 overall.

Notch was 5-3 and 3-1, so he is 8-4 overall.

Burnsy was 5-3 and 3-1, so he is 8-4 overall.

Lanky was 6-2 and 1-3, so he is 7-5 overall.

Bugg was 4-4 in the first round, but ran the table in Round 2, pulling himself back in it. He is 8-4 overall.

Gunther was the opposite of Bugg, 7-1 first round, and 1-3 in the second. He is 8-4 overall.

Dobber was 5-3 and 2-2, going 7-5 overall.

The Crew Consensus: 7-1 and 3-1. You don't want to mess with us as a group. is 10-2.

The crew consensus also picked Vancouver to score 11 goals in Round 2. They actually scored just eight. Notch was bang on for his prognostication. So in individual competition, he is 8-4 plus a bonus. The tie goes to him, at this point…


Detroit vs. Anaheim

Angus: Anaheim in seven. The Ducks will eventually wear down the Red Wings defense.

Notch: Detroit in six. Babcock's wants this one more than the Pronger and the Ducks want a flying octipi upside the head.

Burnsy: Anaheim in six. Teemu is leading the way and Giguere has it pretty easy playing behind Anaheim's defense.

Lanky: Anaheim in six. I can't believe Detroit has made it this far…  Their old guys will start slowing, and the Ducks' defense will shut down what scoring chances Detroit might otherwise get.

Bugg:Detroit in six. The Ducks have been so meh against both Minnesota and Vancouver, and it's easier to remain hungry than suddenly become hungry.

Gunther: Anaheim in five. This team is the real deal. Detroit impressively didn't give up against San Jose, but Anaheim is another story. Anaheim's balance of veterans,  and youngsters make this team formidable.

Dobber: Anaheim in six. I picked against both these teams in both rounds. I'm 7-5? These two constitute four of my five losses!

DobberHockey Consensus: Anaheim will win in six.

Buffalo vs. Ottawa

Angus: Ottawa in seven. Ottawa continues its stellar play while the Sabres kick it up a notch in the best series in recent memory.

Notch: Ottawa in six. "I will say it again…Spezza to Heater, Spezza to Heater, Spezza to Heater, Spezza to Heater."

Burnsy: Buffalo in seven. Everything else being equal, I say Emery has one bad game while Miller has none.

Lanky: Ottawa in six. Neither team has any particular advantage in any area, but I think the big three of Ottawa will be the difference in the series, while Ottawa will manage to shut down the depth aspect of Buffalo.

Bugg: Buffalo in six. The Sens have a lot of defensive depth, but it's the wrong kind- besides Phillips-Volchenkov, they're all puck movers, not puck containers. Buffalo's four lines will roll over them with ease.

Gunther: Ottawa in five. Buffalo barely squeaked by the Rangers. They did not look overly impressive or dominant excpet for a few minutes over the entire series with the Rangers. Ottawa will show them they are the Best in the East.

Dobber: Buffalo in seven. I had to flip a coin here. I've been bouncing back and forth all week.

DobberHockey Consensus: