May 21, 2007

Dobber Sports


Rather than scratch Ric Jackman to make room for Pronger, the Ducks kept him in and scratched Joe DiPenta.


Todd Bertuzzi missed pracice on Saturday and he also did not skate a shift after the eight-minute mark of the third period. It is unknown what his injury is, but to not skate in overtime indicates something is up.


Hamilton has a 2-0 lead over Chicago in the Calder Cup semi-final with the next three games to be played in Hamilton. Montreal goalie Carey Price was chased out of Friday's Game 1, but returned for Game 2 and stopped 22 of 24 shots.


NBC had the gall to send the OTT/BUF game on Saturday to Versus…for overtime. US media just does not get it. Why do they insist that hockey best works on a Saturday afternoon? Saturday night is a mainstay in Canada – it will never be a mainstay in the US if you do not suffer through five or six years of poor, but growing, Saturday night ratings. It's not like the afternoon games get great ratings – they don't. So why not show the Law & Order and Dateline reruns on Saturday afternoon and give sports fans a sporting option for Saturday night?


And – who moves ANY game to another channel when it goes to overtime?

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