May 24, 2007

Dobber Sports


So to summarize the below, Kesler's $1.9 million one-year deal was horrible and controversial one year ago…but after he gets an amazing 16 points, he deserves three more of those contracts? 


So, picture this. It's a fine summer day and you are a GM of an NHL hockey team. One of your young, unproven players is a restricted free agent. A competing team has the NERVE to sign your player for an astounding $1.9 million. You are forced, for both your own reasons as well as peer pressure, to match the offer. It causes waves and controversy throughout the league and media. There is no way that young player is worth that! You agree, but your hands are tied, right? Fast forward one year. That player's contract has come up again after a season in which he was hurt for half the year…and only managed 16 points. You wouldn't sign him to the same contract would you? Hell no! You'd sign him to the same contract…but for THREE years! Am I missing something here? Ryan Kesler just signed a three year deal for $1.75 million per year. Huh? More NHL stupidity. I guess during those 48 games that he played and tallied 16 points really must have proven his value. Not.  Dobber for GM


Jim Balsilie, the RIM guy who was looking to buy the Pens and bring them to Canada, has apparently offered $220 million for the Nashville Predators. Speculation is that if the team were to fail to hit the 14,000 season ticket average next year he would move them. They averaged just over 13,000 this past year.


The Boston Bruins have signed Vladimir Sobotka to an entry level contract. Sobotka is a two-way forward who is ranked 141 on my Fantasy Prospects list.


Still not reported in any newspaper: Randy Robitaille signing to play in Russia (Lokomotif). It happened May 18 and I seem to be the only one that cared enough to report it…


Tolyatti Lada is having financial difficulty and are in danger of folding. The Habs were hoping this would be the case, as it would mean they could bring star defenseman Alexei Yemelin over next season because his contract would be voided with the Russian team. However, Tolyatti was saved by the bell, coming up with money just in time.


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For the second straight season, Martin Gerber began the season as a starter and ended it as the backup in the Stanley Cup final. If history were to repeat itself, obviously this would mean that the Sens will win.


Jay Bouwmeester played the latter part of the season with a hip injury. He had surgery on it yesterday.