June 01, 2007

Dobber Sports


All Prospect Reports have been sent out. I'll send out another wave of them (assuming I sell more) at 1pm. After that, I'm gone until Sunday and so if you place an order after 1pm you will have to wait a day or two.


If you did not receive your copy, please don't let your first instinct be to yell at me. It could be that the address for you at PayPal is an old one. Just email me and I'll send it to you! 


After 1pm EST, I'm off for the weekend. So if you are placing an order later today, you won't get the report until I return on Sunday. Dobber needs breaks too you know! Going to Ottawa. Unfortunately – not for the game, although we will be watching…


Cam Ward signed a three-year deal with the 'Canes, so scratch him off your pending RFA list.


Atlanta signed Ondrej Pavelec to an entry level contract. He will play several years in the AHL and is profiled extensively in the Prospects Report. He is ranked 79 on the top goalie list. Atlanta also signed Tomas Pospisil, ranked 355 on my Prospects Rankings.


I reported this a few days ago, but Boston signed Vladimir Sobotka and Mikko Lehtonen.


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The Habs signed Janne Lahti as a free agent. Lahti is an offensive defenseman from Finland and at 24 he is ready to step right into the NHL. He will be a No.3 defenseman on the PP, but will move up to No.2 if they don't sign or replace Souray. The Habs also acquired Ryan Russell from the NYR and signed him to an entry level deal. Russell is a small, offensive forward who is ranked 367 on my prospects list. The team gave up a seventh rounder for him.


TB signed Riku Helenius, 44 on the goalie list, and Chris Lawrence, ranked 379 on my prospects list, to an entry level deals.