Playoff Studs and Duds

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The name says it all – let’s review some of the best and the worst offensive performers in the post season (because in the fantasy world – offense is what we mainly care about!). There were no big upsets this year, so the list of surprises is not as extensive as it usually is.


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Daniel Alfredsson – of course. The only player with 10 goals so far and many of them have been key. If you picked Ottawa to go even two rounds, you likely have him on your team anyway.

Jason Spezza/Dany Heatley – the top two scorers in the postseason will likely finish that way, regardless of the Stanley Cup outcome.

Nicklas Lidstrom – it’s not surprising the Detroit captain is leading his team in scoring, however practically a point per game is certainly a nice pace for poolies to see.

Pavel Datsyuk – he had a monkey on his back. Now it’s off. Those poolies who were not threatened by his past are laughing all the way to the bank.

Scott Gomez – talk about a last-minute surge to earn that juicy contract as an unrestricted free agent! His 14 points in 11 playoff games for New Jersey will be the first thing his agent mentions when speaking with GM’s this summer.

Daniel Cleary – has shown this fantasy owner that his season was no fluke. He’s a 55-point guy next year. At least.

Ryan Getzlaf – has clearly indicated that next year will be his big breakout year. Expect a huge step forward next campaign.

Chris Pronger – it’s starting to become a habit with this guy – strong playoff play.

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Samuel Pahlsson – I thought this guy was supposed to be a defensive forward?

Tim Connolly – despite just nine points (and no goals) in 16 games, he proved that he is a great player with what he did with minimal opportunity.


Joe Thornton – once again. This time, he didn’t have an injury to play through.

Todd Bertuzzi – his play picked up in the Anaheim series, but still poolies were hoping for a point per game out of him.

Patrick Marleau – six points in 11 games for the Sharks’ captain had poolies swiping their draft sheets off their desks and into the garbage can.

Henrik Sedin – four points in 12 games? He chose April and May as the time to go five games without a point for the first time in over a year?

Daniel Sedin – five points in 12 games? He chose April and…wait, I said that already.