June 7, 2007

Dobber Sports


Dallas has signed Stu Barnes to a one-year deal.


Niklas Backstrom signed a multi-year deal with the Wild. 


The Leafs just signed Staffan Kronwall to a one-way deal, which all but assures that he has a roster spot for next season. This impacts Stralman's chances, for all you Stralman lovers! 


Two things that won't go away since the Yashin buyout: 1) His agent (the idiot Gandler…how does he keep his job? But I digress…) is talking as if Yashin is 100% going to remain in the NHL. 2) The Islanders want to keep Ryan Smyth and make him their captain and they are willing to throw everything, including the kitchen sink, in to get him. 


Scott Niedermayer won the Conn Smythe. As I stated in the forum, I thought Sami Pahlsson should have won it. He was an absolute monster. However, he is not a household name and in the end, that won out in what must have been a very tight race and tough decision.


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Nashville prospect Grigori Shafigullin could cross the pond in the fall and join the team. He is a defensive pivot who is not ranked on my fantasy prospects list, but the 22-year-old does have 40-point ability and will help you plus/minus if he does make the Preds.


The Ottawa Senators signed Alexander Nikulin. He will be in camp in the fall and is looking to make the team. I think he needs a year in the NHL, but regardless this turn of events boosts his fantasy value. He is currently listed at 259 on my fantasy prospects list. This signing pushes him into the top 150.