June 8, 2007

Dobber Sports


The Fourth Period is reporting that the Panthers are in talks with the San Jose Sharks to find out the price tag for Vesa Toskala. 


TSN is reporting that Kyle Okposo will return to school for another year. He will play for the Islanders in 2008-09 and likely have an impact. Okposo is ranked #36 on my top fantasy prospects list. 


Dallas is interested in re-signing Darryl Sydor before July 1, but GM Armstrong's priority right now is with the draft.


Carolina is not going to offer Josef Vasicek a contract. A likely scenario for Vasicek is the RSL or the Czech or Slovak league next year. 


Aha! As I speculated right from the start – the latest word is that Yashin's idiot agent Mark Gandler says that his client's preference is to remain in the NHL, but he would not rule out a return to Russia. So now the Russia option is starting to creep into the mix. And why not? Yashin has suckered all the money he can from NHL teams, he may as well go back and tear up the RSL for $4 million a year while sleeping on a big pile of money with many beautiful women!


If Yashin takes off, he will become my new 'most brilliant man in hockey'. It's hilarious when guys suck as much money as they can from the greedy league, give little back, and then leave early to enjoy the money. Alexandre Daigle did that…but then he ran out of money and had to make a comeback. He came back, made a couple of million and then left again. Brilliant!


Mike Peca is interested in returning to the Leafs. He may also have an interest in returning to the Islanders now that Yashin is no longer there.

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Toronto is focusing on Ryan Smyth and if they don't sign him on July 1, I don't think they'll get him. They are going to go after him hard right away.


Why is everyone reporting that Dominik Hasek will decide his future this week? Didn't the guy say two weeks ago that he would decide in three weeks? Simple math tells me that this is the week. I don't need news outlets giving me the countdown.


Jim Balsillie wants the Preds to win the Cup and he will open the pursestrings to do so. It sounds like the team will spend to the max this year. Watch some big names come to town.


Carey Price was the Calder Cup Playoffs MVP after Hamilton won last night in five games over Hershey. He's looking better and better…