June 12, 2007

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"How to Start a Keeper League" Version #4 is (finally) up. Click the 'starting a pool' link to check it out. 


I just posted this on the forum, but thought i would explain for all to see, in case some people don't understand why Toronto and Sundin agreed to a one-year deal: Sundin was only scheduled to make $4.3 million this year, however, in the salary cap world the team would have been charged $6.3 million. Why? Because it is the average of his salary each year of the contract. So on one hand, Sundin is only getting $4.3 million. On the other hand, it eats up $6.3 million in cap space.

So, by signing this contract it accomplishes two things.
1) Sundin gets an extra $1.2 million for his pocket.
2) This contract supercedes the old one. So Toronto is only charged $5.5 on the salary cap…meaning they just freed up $800,000 in cap space by doing this deal. So now instead of $6 million (or whatever) in cap money to spend, they now have $6.8 million…which could mean the difference between getting a Ryan Smyth-type and not getting him. 


Updated/added some testimonials… 


The Red Wings have re-signed 63-year-old Chris Chelios to a one year deal. Actually, that's a future post, from my ramblings in the summer of 2025. Really they just signed the 45-year-old version of Chelios today. 


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Rumored destinations – Kozlov to Detroit continues to fly around the media. Yashin to Atlanta is a new one. I predict: Slava Kozlov to Detroit and Alexei Yashin to Metallurg.  


Larry Brooks is reporting that Bryce Lampman and Jarkko Immonen are on the verge of signing deals to play in Finland next season. Immonen is 172 on my fantasy prospect rankings. 

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Pierre Turgeon has retired. He will make an official announcement soon. He once had 132 points in a season and was a fantasy stud.


The Toronto Star has information that Mats Sundin has in fact signed a one-year deal and not the two-year pact that has been talked about for several weeks now.


With the glut of defensemen in Toronto's system, speculation is rampant that Bryan McCabe could be moved. If that happens, take it as a sign that the team really really likes Anton Stralman. It would free up a ton cash to sign a couple of solid wingers instead of just one. You know what else would free up a ton of cash? Not signing Pavel Kubina to a ridiculous contract. But I digress…


Still with the Leafs, Sun columnist Steve Simmons has reported that the team has hinted at an interest in signing Alexei Morozov. That is an example of a team where things would really work for him – he would do well there.