June 17, 2007

Dobber Sports


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Brendan Morrison underwent successful hernia surgery on June 7. He is the NHL's reigning iron man and he could finally play pain-free this year, for the first time in two years. If so, I think he could get back up into the 60s. 


There are some suggestions going around the media that Ottawa will fire John Muckler as GM. They must have heard Dobber was available. Dobber for GM!


It turns out Jassen Cullimore will indeed have his contract bought out by the Habs. So in the end they get Salmelainen and around $1.3 million from Cullimore's salary this year.


The Wild signed 6-6 defenseman Andre Lakos. The 27-year-old was New Jersey's third-round pick in 1995. He will likely not make the team, but if he does his upside is 20 points tops, and he doesn't even rack up many PIM's.


Confirmed now: the Leafs have signed Simon Gamache out of Switzerland. See yesterday's ramblings for my thoughts…


The Philadelphia Flyers are considering giving Tomas Vanek an offer sheet in the $4 million range. Buffalo would match, but they would lose out on Drury and/or Briere to do it.

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Adrian Dater is reporting that Antti Laaksonen signed to play in Switzerland next season.


Petteri Nummellin will not be returning to Europe according to Wild GM Doug Risebrough.