Bell and Toskala to the Leafs

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Vesa Toskala and Mark Bell have been traded to the Leafs for their first and second round picks this weekend and a fourth round pick in 2009. Here is the fantasy take… 


The Leafs get: a legitimate No.1 goaltender. They also get a power forward who will get a second chance, playing for the team closest to his home. He will audition on Mats Sundin's line.


The Sharks get: the 13th overall pick, as well as shed Bell's salary and Toskala's salary. The other picks will help, too.


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Fantasy Players Impacted: Toskala rockets up the goalie charts now that he is a legitimate No.1 starter. Raycroft freefalls as the No.2 guy. Evgeni Nabokov is now undisputed at No.1, so he shoots up in value. Thomas Griess is ready to assume the backup role for San Jose, he gains some value as well.


Mark Bell has gone from near-worthless in fantasy leagues, to a potential 60-point player again. He is a true left winger with a lot of talent who never recovered from last September's DUI charge. The Leafs made a good move here, adressing one weakness and partially addressing another, while at the same time getting rid of draft picks (which they were never really good at using) in a year that is looked upon as relatively weak.