June 28, 2007

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Just my opinion, but Igor Larionov should be inducted into the Hall of Fame instead of Scott Stevens. Since the HHOF insists that it can allow no more than four players per year (the rule should be more flexible, but I digress), then Stevens should be the one waiting a year, and not a former Russian superstar. The guy was one of the greatest players in Russian history before he stepped onto NHL ice. He won Cups, too. It's the HHOF not the NHOF (NHL Hall of Fame). 


The Sabres contract offer to Briere has been declined.


The Canucks have signed Jeff Cowan to a two-year deal. He'll have minimal stats this year.


The Panthers have re-signed Jozef Stumpel for $4.5 million over two years. I can't see any big change in his numbers – maybe around 60 points. He has been a late producer the last two years, so if he starts off incredibly slow, pick him up cheap off someone because he's been a point a game guy in the second half two years running. 


Fantasy sports is NOT gambling. The lawsuit in the USA about that has been thrown out. Here is the article.  


THE FOURTH PERIOD is reporting that the Sabres have finally made Briere and offer and it is a big one. Briere is said to be looking for 4-6 years at $7 million per. 


The Coyotes have waived Kevyn Adams and Nick Boynton. However, if they clear waivers they will not be bought out.


The Canucks have waived Marc Chouinard for the purpose of buying him out. I would be surprised if he lands anywhere as a UFA.

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SPECTOR is reporting that Tony Salmelainen was placed on waivers by the Habs and went unclaimed. They will not buy him out, but just be aware of where he sits on their radar. Spector is also reporting that Michal Nylander is closing in on a deal with the Rangers.


Reports out of Russia indicate that Jan Marek has signed with Metallurg. He was reportedly very interested in signing with Los Angeles and coming to the NHL, but Metallurg convinced him to stay. I am not 100 per cent sold on the absoluteness of this report…but I'm 99. Marek was a dark horse that I liked for the Kings' second line.


Alexei Kaigorodov has still not decided whether he will remain with Metallurg of if he will try out for Phoenix. Enver Lisin will leave Ak Bars Kazan and come back to Phoenix.


The Russian source has indicated that Alexei Morozov will probably remain with Ak Bars Kazan. 


According to the National Post, the Preds are now being sold to "Boots" DelBiaggio and will be moved to Kansas City now. So, a rich guy named "Boots" would be a better owner, at $40 million less, for taking the team to the hockey hotbed of Kansas City…over Jim Balsillie, a billionaire who would pay more to bring the team to Hamilton? Not even Gary Bettman is that stupid. I submit thi