July 4, 2007

Dobber Sports


Jeremy Roenick is reportedly set to retire. One of the best fantasy players in the game a decade ago, but has never really maintained his fantasy stud title since leaving Chicago. I would love to see someone replace him, mouth-wise though… 


Check out Angus Unleashed tonight (my blog on the Dobber Forum), I'll be giving my opinion on a few of the big (and not so big) signings over the past few days. 


Dobber back in – the Lightning have signed undrafted 27-year-old rearguard David Schneider whohad been playing in Finland. He's no Cory Murphy. If he makes the team he has 30-point ability tops, and 80 PIMs. He's a little on the smallish side.


It looks like there are early reports that the Devils are close to agreeing on a contract with Sheldon Souray, which yours truly (angus) predicted.  Maybe I should branch off and form my own rumors site!  Kidding aside, he is not as bad as many think in his own zone, and this should be a solid move depending on the terms. 


Happy Fourth of July Yanks!


The Thrashers managed to hang onto Slava Kozlov after all, signing him to a three-year deal. Kozlov owners can breathe a sigh of relief, as he was in discussions with the Stars. How I think it went down was he took Dallas' final offer to Atlanta to match. The decision meant the difference between 50 points and 80 points, plain and simple.


The Islanders signed Ruslan Fedotenko, a true Ted Nolan type. Not. 


The Habs have signed Tom Kostopolous to the league minimum. He'll play for that very reason.


Just when you start to think that the Leafs are smartening up, they do something really stupid. They signed Toskala to an extension – two years at $4 million per year. It's not so much that he isn't or won't be worth it…I actually think that he will…it's just that there was no rush. Wait until November and see how he does in the first month. If he sucks, they will be handcuffed to an even worse salary than Raycroft's (which is already too high to trade very easily). If he excels, then they could sign him to $4 million regardless. If he REALLY excels, then maybe it would require $4.5 million per. Losing that extra half-mill is worth the security of knowing what you are paying for. I suspect this was idiot ownership at work again.

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The Rangers have not yet signed Shanahan because they are trying to sign Lundqvist. Until that happens, there is the threat that another team will give Lundqvist an offer sheet, in which case the Rangers will need to keep their salary space, currently $12 million. After they sign Lundqvist, Shanny will be signed in short order. 


The Coyotes bought out Scatchard in order to make more room for their younger players. GM Don Maloney specifically pointed out Martin Hanzal, since it's a given that Mueller will make the team. Suddenly, I'm thinking Hanzal makes the squad this year as opposed to next. 


Michael Ryder has filed for arbitration, so there will be no tra