August 09, 2007

Dobber Sports


Wow – brain freeze. I know I wrote about Karel Pilar somewhere (the Forecaster maybe?)…but apparently, it wasn't on this, my own, site. D'oh! Well here goes – Karel Pilar jeopardizes the chances of one of Mark Popovic, Nathan Oystrick and Tobias Enstrom of making the team. I think Pilar could make this team and I think Enstrom is the odd man out. Furthermore, if he does make the squad, I like his chances of stealing some quarterbacking duties from Zhitnik. I have Pilar down for the mid-20s this year…but a darkhorse pick for 40 to 45 points. He is a Band-Aid Boy, so he may not be a worthwhile pickup in most pools, but in roto leagues where he can easily be dropped…he may be worth a late flyer. 


The Thrashers, besides the Pilar signing I wrote about, also signed Milan Bartovic yesterday, but I don't see him cracking the roster.


Tverdovsky's contract in Russia is a five-year pact. Bye Oleg!


Because the Russian Super League and the NHL do not have a transfer agreement in place, if a player signs to play there while under an NHL contract (i.e. Tverdovsky), it is not formally recognized by the CBA. As such, the player will be treated as "defected" and can be suspended by the team. If a team suspends a player for that reason, their salary does not count against the cap. Just an FYI.


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The Penguins have signed defenseman Mike Weaver to a two-way contract. He will not make the team this year.