Is Forberg still worth it or not?

Jim Gunther



Would you sign Peter Forsberg to a 1-year contract to help sell tickets, and then trade him later on at the deadline to a playoff contender to help rebuild your team with young draft picks?



Peter Forsberg’s future in the NHL is uncertain. He’s currently back in Sweden recovering from ankle surgery. There were rumors he may play in Sweden or possibly retire there. Recent news however, suggests his ankle has been recovering well and there are rumored to be as many as eight NHL teams interested in possibly signing him. Some rumors are obviously stronger than others.


There is no doubt Forsberg has talent. At times he has been touted as the most complete NHL player, but injuries have always interfered with his game. Nonetheless he has amassed an amazing 871 points in 697 games. While the 2007-08 season nears there are several questions worth asking. Which teams actually have a shot at signing him? Is this band-aid boy worth the big bucks? What type of fantasy impact could he have? Here’s a breakdown of the eight teams interested in him:


Buffalo Sabres

Main Attraction(s): Thomas Vanek, Maxim Afinogenov, Ryan Miller, a speedy team, sold-out arena, crazy fans, and last season’s success
Playoff Contender in 2007-08? Yes
Does the team need a C/ LW? They lost Daniel Briere and Chris Drury to free agency, but still have Tim Connolly, Johan Hecht, and Derek Roy
Is Forsberg likely to have chemistry there? Yes, his passing ability and grit could fit in well with speedy talents scorers such as Vanek and Afinogenov
What will likely happen? Buffalo will not spend the money and will sign former Sabre Michael Peca instead
Fantasy Impact if Signed: A competitive team with scoring ability will foster Forsberg desire to play or want to play there- this team still has enough of it. Prediction- 68 points


Anaheim Ducks

Main Attraction(s): Stanley Cup Champions, Chris Pronger, Mathieu Schneider, J.S. Giguere and maybe Scott Niedermayer (if he does not retire)
Playoff Contender in 2007-08? Absolutely yes
Does the team need a C/ LW? No, they still have Andy McDonald, Ryan Getzlaf and Sam Pahlsson
Is Forsberg likely to have chemistry there? Maybe not so much, but this team is so good defensively it thus generates offense and thus h