August 22, 2007

Dobber Sports


In the "Starting a Pool" section, rules for Keeper League #5 have been added for your perusal. 


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Brian Burke will ask Selanne and Niedermayer for a decision this weekend, so expect some news by early next week about their retirement. 


Mike Peca has signed on with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Look for 60 to 70 games and 40 points. His role in Columbus will be bigger than in most cities, as they are incredibly weak up the middle. His ice time will be through the roof and he is a Ken Hitchcock-type player.


Angelo Esposito has a groin injury that will hold him out of the summit series. The decision was apparently that of his QMJHL coach Patrick Roy, as Team Canada had promised that he would receive twice daily treatments and carefully monitored training to regain strength in the groin. Roy wants to protect his asset, however, and is allegedly the reason behind the decision. He can do nothing, however, to preven Esposito from participating in training camp for the Penguins. He will try out on the right wing and when he is sent back to junior he will continue to play as a right winger. Team Canada, meanwhile, will go to Russia with 25 players and not 26 now.


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Pascal Rheaume has signed to play in Europe next season.


The Blues signed former Chicago draft pick Chris Porter to a two-year deal. The 23-year-old pivot will likely play in the AHL for those two years, although he did show a spark of offense in his final year in college.