Keeper League #5

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How to Start a Keeper League – Version #5

Here is a great one from Aaron – very in-depth rules, and includes a 15-man farm squad for prospects!





Line-ups and Scoring System

1. Line-up is to be submitted to (email given) before the start of every FHA week. If no lineup is submitted by this time, the lineup from the previous week will be dressed. If it’s the first week of the season, and no line-up has been sent, the GM will receive no points for that week. Once the first game of the week has started, all lineups are considered official.



2a. Line-ups will consist of
2 Centers
2 Right Wingers
2 Left Wingers
2 PPQ Defensemen
1 +/- Defenseman
1 Goalie
1 Enforcer

2b. Points are allocated as follows:
– Forwards (C, RW, LW): 1 pt per goal or assist.
– PPQ Defense: 1 pt per goal or assist, plus 1 additional point per power-play point
– +/- Defense: 1 pt per goal or assist, plus 1 additional point per positive plus/minus over the week. That rating is only included in the calculation if the cumulative weekly total for that player is positive.
– Goalies: 2 pts for a win, 1 pt for a shoot-out loss, and 2 additional pts for a shutout.
– Enforcer: 0.20 pts per penalty minute and an additional 1 point for each fighting major.



3a. Points are awarded only to the players that have been dressed for the week. Once a lineup has been made official, the dressed players will accumulate points for their team throughout the entire week. However, transactions involving dressed players may be made at any time after the first game of the week without affecting their status in the official weekly lineups. Therefore, newly acquired players cannot be dressed until the following week.

3b. All stats will be taken from except for fighting majors. Fighting majors will be taken from


4. If a GM drops or trades a player after they have submitted their line-up but before the start of the first game on Monday, it is up to them to replace that roster spot on the line-up, if no replacement is sent that spot will remain vacant. If a GM uses their weekly signing on Monday, and announces it prior to the start of the first game, that player is available to be placed in that week’s line-up, if the GM wishes to ice him.


5. If a GM errs on a transaction or line-up email, and if neither BOG member receiving weekly line-ups fails to get notice to them in time, the GM will still suffer the consequences as they made the mistake.


6. FHA positions for roster and farm players will be based on the team roster listing in the current Hockey News Yearbook. If a player isn’t listed in the depth charts, their roster listing in this year’s Yearbook will prevail. If he is unlisted this year, his position will be determined by his most previous Yearbook listing, and failing that,


7. Weekly scoring will be calculated via a format of three sets of four teams:
*1st – 3 wins 0 loss
*2nd – 2 wins 1 loss
*3rd – 1 win 2 losses
*4th – 0 wins 3 losses


8. If two teams have the same point total, each will receive one tie in the place of one of their wins. For example, if two teams are tied for the 3-0 record, they both receive 2-0-1 records. If there is a