August 28, 2007

Dobber Sports


I have had three emails bounce back today to people who have ordered the pool guide. Double check the email that you gave PayPal! 


The Kings have signed J-S Aubin. He will likely replace Labarbara in Manchester, or will be the backup if and when Cloutier gets hurt. 


Mark Giordano, unhappy with a two-way contract offer from the Flames, decided to take a one-way offer. In Russia. Giordano signed a contract for $800,000 to play there. I don't blame him. He had promise in several fantasy categories, perhaps as early as this season, but you can take him right off your lists now. 


Burnsy has added an update under "announcements" in the forum regarding the expert league, etc. 


The Avs have given Brett Clark a two-year contract extension. He should be good for 40 points this year, espectially if Leopold gets hurt again and Liles bounces in and out of the doghouse.


TSN is speculating that Scott Niedermayer is now leaning towards coming back. Geez…I hope we don't have this crap every summer. You see that sometimes…a player muses about retirement each offseason, the media goes nutty over it, and 10 years later he finally does actually retire. 


Frantisek Kaberle tore cartilage in his knee while playing in the Czech Republic. He underwent surgery and will be out until likely mid-October, effectively wiping out training camp and a couple of games of the season. Often when a player misses camp, he suffers from all sorts of different injuries throughout the year. I would be staying away from Kaberle at the draft.


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With the Kaberle news and the fact that Brett Hedican is touch and go with his hip, expect the Hurricanes to make a move to add a rearguard. Although, come to think of it, they were kind of in this positiion last season…and all they did was add Tim Gleason and David Tanabe. That may be the caliber of deal you can expect here.


The Caps of signed defenseman John Erskine to a deal.


Belfour signing in Sweden – I reported that two weeks ago. Unofficial? Bah, he was only holding off from making the news official in hopes that an NHL team would be motivated by the rumors so they would sign him.


The Jackets found out via the Internet that Svitov signed to play in Russia. They still have not heard from him personally. Through a contact, he informed the Jackets he will be in touch with them this week. Pretty classy…Anyway, they will leave the door open for him to play for them next season.