August 29, 2007

Dobber Sports


Once again I was very impressed by the checking line of Team Canada this morning. Milan Lucic, Brandon Sutter and Stefan Legein were fantastic. Not seeing a whole lot of fantasy value, with the exception of Lucic who could be a 70-point and 120+ PIM player in six years.


New Jersey prospect Alexander Vasyunov was used very sparingly, mostly on the power play and made zero impression on me.


St. Louis prospect David Perron had an extremely good game this morning. He is ranked 226 on my prospect rankings but will be bumped up.


A short rant here: I'm so tired of hockey telecast directors changing cameras in the middle of the play. If I'm at a game live, I don't bounce from a seat at center ice to a seat in the offensive zone along the glass and then back again in a five-second span. I sit in one spot. So give me one camera angle and let me follow the damn play. I hate that. Always have. Give me alternate camera feeds on replays, but let me follow the live play properly. This morning was even worse because when the changed angles the new angle was a foggy haze. Very nice. Whoever the director is, he's a clown. 


Brad Leeb of the Marlies has signed to play in Germany.


Nashville coach Barry Trotz has indicated that Jed Ortmeyer will receive a more prominent role with the team. Expect third line ice time and career high numbers (10-15-25 and 50 PIMs) for Ortmeyer, given the team's sudden shortfall on the right side. Only the deepest pools would need that, but still…this may be the hilight of today's ramblings..sigh.

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Dave Lewis has found work as assistant coach of the Kings. He'll help them defensively. What they really need though is the best goaltending coach…since they do not have the best goaltenders.


Anson Carter is reportedly trying to land back with the Oilers, but has been rebuffed as the team indicated that they would like to use some of their prospects. The news bodes well for the likes of Robert Nilsson.


Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal is also reporting that Jarret Stoll will be wearing a fitted helmet complete with visor. If you recall, he battled concussion problems in the latter half of the season.