August 30, 2007

Dobber Sports


Of course – the day I say that Jussi Jokinen may be waiting if he wants more than $3 million (source: The Hockey News), he turns around and signs for … $3.6 million…good thing it was for over two years, or both THN and I would have a little egg on our faces. 


Henrik Zetterberg bowed out of a couple of August charity games in Sweden because of lingering problems with his back. He will be in training camp and will play in the NHL…but this has to concern Zetterberg owners. Quietly shop him because I don't see 80 games this year.


Jussi Jokinen still has not signed with Dallas and the word out of the organization is that if he expects to make more than $3 million this season, he is in for a long wait. They are content to let him sit. Quietly shop him too.


Keith Ballard has signed a two-year contract with the Coyotes. His disappointing numbers last season were due to a variety of ailments. This season I would expect 30-35 points and nice chunk of PIM's.


Washington columnist Tarik El-Bashir reports on his blog that Alexander Ovechkin allegedly punched Evgeni Malkin's agent in the face at a Russian nightclub recently and either broke the agent's jaw or seriously hurt it. Thanks to 'Shane' for the info.


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Zach Hamill was a healthy scratch for Team Canada in the super series yesterday. To me, that does not bode well for his chances of sticking in Boston, which were slim this year to begin with.


Peter Forsberg reportedly underwent hernia surgery on the weekend. He never fails to amaze me in how often he finds a way into the hospital ward.


As I reported a few days ago, the Leafs are still talking with Tony Salmelainen. If he were to sign, I would doubt he would crack the lineup, but would help the Marlies much like Simon Gamache will. Those two would be exciting to watch at the AHL level. I think both can play star hockey at the NHL level too, but need more intensity. And ice time.