September 04, 2007

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Announcement in the forum – posted Sept.4. 


TSN is reporting that Jeremy Roenick has signed a one-year deal with the San Jose Sharks for $500,000. I think he will be a part-time player who, if used sparingly, could produce 25 points. I don't see him hurting anyone else's ice time, although now Mike Iggulden may be on the healthy scratch bubble.


A couple of people have declined their invite into the Entry division of the DobberHockey roto-pool , so I have drawn a pair of new names and have sent out the invites. Check your junk mail everyone. 


Bill Watters believes (as do I), that not only will Bell be in training camp (but will likely miss exhibition games), but he will play in Game 1 of the season. This is just the NHL following policy that was already in place. When the doctors send in the appropriate papers, everything will be fine for Mark Bell as a Leaf. 


According to TSN, Toronto's Mark Bell has been suspended indefinitely (and belatedly) by the NHL and placed into stage two of the league's substance abuse program. If he truly has not touched alcohol since the incident of a year ago (as I understand is the case), then I can't see the NHLPA letting the suspension enter into the season even one game. After all – the California judge specifically made his sentence begin at the end of the coming season so Bell could continue to make a living. If the NHL took that away from him, then he may as well serve his term immediately. No, the NHL would not contradict a judge like that.


Marian Gaborik is extremely confident that his groin is stronger than ever. His extensive training program this summer has ensured that he is the best shape of his career in that regard and that he is confident that there will be no groin injury problems to kick off the season this time.


The Avs have announced their training camp roster. If you are curious, you can find the info HERE . The rookie camp that ends Sept. 11 will determine which rookies will join the 30 vets on the above list.

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The Blue Jackets will again participate in a seven team rookie/prospects tournament. You can find their roster HERE .