A Roto-Look Ahead

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“Schedule rating” is a reflection of the amount of games that a team will play in the seven-day period given, in conjunction with two other factors:
1)    The amount of those games that are played at home.
2)    The quality of team defense that they will be up against.


DobberHockey reader Tom Reeve (aka "Reeveta" in our forum) developed a great template for DobberHockey that is quite helpful in allowing me to put together and analyze this information quickly and easily – so kudos to Tom! 


The following information is useful if you are in a rotisserie league that makes weekly roster moves. Depending on which day of the week those roster moves take place…you will need to look at the appropriate window below:




Wednesday, April 02 to Sunday April 6, 2008 – end of season-
Best Bets
Tampa Bay 3.42 – three games CAR WAS and ATL
New Jersey 3.05 – three games PHI BOS and NYR
Detroit 2.95 – three games, two at home
Boston 2.86 -three games incl OTT and BUF
NY Rangers 2.76 – three games incl NYIx2
Steer Clear
Edmonton 0.76 – ONE game left on road vs VAN
Colorado 0.95 – ONE game left at home vs MIN