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2007-08 Hockey Pool Guides


Several DobberHockey writers/personalities contributed some thoughts/critiques on the fantasy magazines that are available on newsstands. I have organized their points and figured that these thoughts, tips and pointers on which magazines to buy would be helpful to the fantasy hockey buff.


*McKeen's and Hockey: The Magazine reviews have been added at the end of the piece. 

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To begin, we will start with an introduction by Jim Gunther. Jim pens “Sticks and Stones” every Thursday. This is taken directly from his email response to my request.

I have not purchased any other pool guide because of lack of credibility. This site (DobberHockey.com) is updated everyday and your knowledge is evident. Your personal interaction is also key. Right now, there are not many hockey preview/pool guides available in the United States. The NFL and fantasy football is huge and hockey takes a backseat.

The hockey pool guides are really out of date. For example The Hockey News came out and they still have Matt Cullen listed as a Ranger. That happened so long ago you would think they would have more updated news. That's the problem with all of these magazines – they need info early to get it all published.

The Dobber guide is 1) out early and is accurate 2) an updated pdf of your guide is emailed free as the season nears so you miss nothing 3) you offer midseason guides, playoff info, etc and other great info that the big publications tend not to offer 4) you offer credibility (you write for many well known sources and have proven success against other well known fantasy personalities)”

Now, onto the guides. J Status (aka “Project Returns” in the forum) and Russ Miller, who pens “Eastern Edge” every Friday, take a look at:

The Hockey News Ultimate Fantasy Guide 2007-08

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J Status:

THN offers a well-organized, quick-reference guide. Player projections are alphabetized and separated into skaters and goalies. These projections provide strong visuals with the player name, headshot, point projection and team logo all displayed prominently. Lots of white space and photos make the guide an e