September 27, 2007

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The Wild just cut four players, including Colton Gillies and Nolan Schaefer. Pouliot, Sheppard, Kalus and Foy are still there. 


When the Thrashers cut Karel Pilar, they had to waive him. This makes it a real surprise because he played very well – they must really have faith in Tobias Enstrom. At any rate, the Blackhawks have picked him up and he will have a shot at running the power play. Neither Seabrook nor Barker are ready to do this. Pilar is. He will surprise and makes an excellent dark horse. Pilar's only shortcoming is he is a Band-Aid boy. Offensively, though, he is very gifted and he is ready for the NHL. 


I posted this in the forum (Mike Green – here ) earlier this morning, but thought I should put this in the ramblings as well. He has had a monster training camp and will likely be the second man on the PP with Tom Poti. 


Jagr is now playing with Drury and Straka, as Gomez is not clicking the way Nylander did last season. Stay tuned, nothing is settled here. 


Speculation is that the Islanders could waive Freddie Meyer, send Aaron Johnson down to the minors…and suddenly there would be room for Bryan Berard. Just something to keep an eye on. 

The Thrashers cut Karel Pilar, despite the fact that he had four assists in three contests. It would seem that, since he was leading the team in scoring while Tobias Enstrom was pointless in four games (and a minus-2) that the Thrashers were scared that Enstrom would run back across the ocean if he failed to make the NHL roster.


There were a ton of interesting cuts, I'll round out the bigger ones below.


Derek Roy had three goals and three assists against the Leafs last night.


Phillipe Boucher is questionable for the season opener because of a knee injury. He missed practice yesterday and will miss the preseason game today.


Matt Lombardi missed his third straigth preseason game with a wrist injury. He is a bit of a Band-Aid Boy, so while he makes a great sleeper…don't be disappointed if he's in the press box more than you would like.


Benoit Pouliot played under 12 minutes, despite Minnesota's 7-0 cushion in the third period. Even if he makes the team, he won't get the ice time to make an impact this year. Ditto for Sheppard or Kalus. Next year will be better for all three of them.


Devin Setoguchi potted two goals last night and Joe Pavelski had two assists. Pavelski will have more points this year than Clowe or Bernier, while if Setoguchi makes the team he'll probably out produce Clowe and Bernier as well.


The line of Belaner, Bouchard and Rolston has been clicking for the Wild. Belanger is just pick