Confessions of a Hockey Pool Junkie

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I admit I might have a problem.  I spend an awful lot of time on fantasy hockey pools. This year I am in five hockey pools, four of which are keepers. When does it cross the line from innocent hobby to outright obsession? I’ve come up with some telltale signs that might indicate if you too are a hockey pool junkie:


You don’t know if you should be happy when a goal is scored because in one pool or another, you own almost every player in the NHL. 

When watching the replay of a goal, instead of admiring the great pass or shot, you are trying to see who was on the ice and if it affected your plus/minus rating.

Two of your goalies are playing against each other and you’re praying for a scoreless tie.

You stay up half the night watching several sports channels tickers, over and over, just to see if anything has changed.   

Have you ever passed up an opportunity for sex while prepping for your draft(s)?

Have you ever called in sick with an “upper body injury?”

Your math skills are suspect, but you can pro-rate Marc-Andre Bergeron’s point totals with the Islanders over a full season in your head.

No problem recalling that four of Mike Richards ten goals last year were short-handed, but can’t remember that your wife’s birthday is on the fourth day of the tenth month.

You can spell Radivojevic, Bacashihua, Dubielewicz, Kostitsyn, Bryzgalov and Colaiacovo correctly without doing a double take.

Can properly pronounce Satan and know that he isn’t really as evil as the name suggests.

You take vacation time in order to work on your draft lists.

You treat your draft list as if it were a secret document and keep it in a locked briefcase until draft day. Do you shred all previous versions?

Instead of looking for the most comfortable place to sit at the draft, you prefer to sit where you can keep prying eyes away from your list.

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If any of the above applies to you, congratulations you are a certified hockey pool junkie.

With many hockey drafts taking place this weekend, I couldn’t leave without including some last minute pre-season thoughts:

The Bruins lines to start the season should look something like this:  Schaefer-Savard-Murray; Kessel-Bergeron-Sturm; Axelsson-Krejci-Kobasew.&nbs