The Frog’s Picks: Buying Low

Eric Maltais




I received a question this week from Steve Emmert asking me which players are on my buy low list, and which are on the sell high. So this week I’ll focus on buy low candidates and next week I’ll address the sell high side. Some of the buy low targets might actually be free agents in some leagues, so if that’s the case, just consider them nice pick-ups instead of trade targets.


Ladislav Nagy – After an awful start that led to him being a healthy scratch for a couple of games, he has scored seven points in the last six games. Nagy is a very talented player who doesn’t always put up the effort so his fantasy owners are probably very nervous about the fact that he was benched early in the season. However, it looks like coach Marc Crawford has ignited his fire so don’t hesitate to make a bid for him.

Tuomo Ruutu – Ruutu has the talent to become an 80-point player, if he stays healthy, which is a big IF of course, but he did manage to stay healthy last season after missing the first 10 games. The Hawks are an extremely talented young team and as Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews become NHL superstars, they’ll upgrade Ruuttu’s value dramatically. He’s a great buy-low in keeper leagues.

Marian Hossa, Slava Kozlov
– The Thrashers are a complete mess right now, but once the team settles the coaching situation things will return to a more normal state and players like Hossa and Kozlov will produce as expected.

Ed Jovanovski – The window to acquire him at a low price is closing fast following his two-point outing during the last game, but it could also be seen as an opportunity to unload him by his owner. Jovocop is a 40 to 50 point producer when healthy and odds are good that he’ll be traded to a better team before the trade deadline.

David Vyborny – Vyborny is not really a player to targer specifically since his upside is limited, but if you’re looking to make a multi-player trade and can get Vyborny as a throw-in because of his slow start, you can gain a 60-point player for next to nothing. And if he’s a free agent in your league, he’s certainly worth picking up.

Patrick Elias – I wrote about Elias last week and I talked about him on Sirius radio last Saturday. I believe in Elias and I also think now is the perfect time to acqui