NHL Mock 2008 Entry Draft – Part I

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Dobber's out of town for a week, and he left El Buggo in charge. So what's my first act of mischief? Why, an obscenely early 2008 mock draft using this week's standings, of course! Usual Thursday contributor Jim Gunther is on the IR, so enjoy a weekday edition of Bugg Bytes. 



As mentioned, it's stupidly early- but also stupidly fun, the kind of thing to get one through a drowsy Thursday afternoon. Using Monday's standings, here's an entertaining yet edumucational look at the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, mock-draft style. 



1. Atlanta- Drew Doughty, D

Height/Weight: 6'0, 213
Team: Guelph Storm, OHL
YTD Stats: 15 GP, 4-17-21, 24 PIM

With the first overall pick, the Thrashers have the option of filling any number of holes- and that's the problem. The team needs about four first rounders to adequately patch a pipeline decimated by several ill-advised deadline deals. But alas, they only have one.Waddell and Co. could give Kovalchuk and Hossa some more support up front in the form of Mike Modano clone Steve Stamkos , but every time the Thrashers have had the option to grab a horse of a rearguard with monster potential in the first round, they've done it. So long as they don't trade him for AlexeiZhitnik, workhorse defenseman Drew Doughty may very well be the franchise defender the franchise so desperately needs.

Potential: Franchise defenseman, 20-35-55
Comparison: Rob Blake

2. Phoenix- Alex Pietrangelo, D

Height/Weight: 6'4, 210
Team: Niagara Ice Dogs, OHL
YTD Stats: 16 GP, 6-11-17, 29 PIM, +9

Another team with a tough choice to make, the Coyotes need an elite player at two positions where elite players don't come along often. They could finally end the three (four?) ring circus that is Phoenix's goal, or they could opt for Alex 'Lidstrom-Lite' Pietrangelo. If they have the choice, here's betting the Desert Dogs go for the latter in a league ruled by a fast transition game.

Potential: Franchise defenseman, 15-50-65
Comparison: Nick Lidstrom

3. New Jersey- Steve Stamkos, C

Height/Weight: 6'1, 180
Team: Sarnia Sting, OHL
YTD Stats: 16 GP, 13-11-24

A team with Martin Brodeur finishing in the cellar? That'd be like Martin Brodeur getting with his sister-in-la… never mind. Allow Devils fans to dream about drafting Stamkos, a high-octane sniper with the best shot arsenal since Brett Hull. Jersey and Stamkos are an even better fit than they first appear; besides being able to ice a killer top line of Elias-Stamkos-Gionta, it's almost gotten boring watching Stamkos wire one-timer after one-timer past bewildered goaltenders… while it's definitely gotten boring watching the Devils.

Potential: Top-line forward, elite sniper; 50-50-100
Comparison: Mike Modano

4. New York Rangers- Joe Colborne, C

Height/Weight: 6'4, 195
Team: Camrose Kodiaks, AJHL
YTD Stats: 18 GP, 15-21-36, 11 PIM, +23

A long time ago, in a land far away, a 17 year-old phenom playing in a provincial Junior A league began putting up mad points. But, alas, he still came in towards the bottom of the first round- if at all- on many early rankings. Nine months later, that same playe