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Spezza signed a 7 year-$49 million extension today. As long as he can stay healthy him and Heatley will end up being one of the best dous in NHL history. Sidebar-say goodbye to Redden. Ottawa doesn't want another 5 million plus salary on the booksso he will walk in the summer. They most likely will not trade him because they will be taking a serious run at the Stanley Cup this spring but look for him to sign out west after July.1/08.


Still with Ottawa no Spezza this weekend and also look for Gerber to get the start Saturday night after Emery let in 4 3rd period goals last night. This is my own hunch.


Igor Grigorenko has exercised the option in his contract with the Wings to return to Russia if he was not in the NHL by Nov.1. He has returned to his club team UFA and his NHL days are most likely numbered. Jimmy Howard has also been sent down to Grand Rapids but Hasek is still about a week away from any game action.


LA times reports that Kyle Calder broke his thumb on Wednesday and is out indefinately while JS Aubin will start for the Kings Friday night.


Martin Havlat skated for the 1st time on Thursday but is still 2 weeks away from returning and 4 weeks away from his next injury. This shoulder injury will need to be addressed again so he can either play Atom hockey the rest of the year, play with the pain or have surgery now.

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