To Veto or Not to Veto…





Drafting your team is not the end of your duties as a fantasy hockey manager.  The addictive nature of fantasy leagues comes in large part from your ability to control the fate of your team, haggle with your fellow managers, and ultimately look down on them in victory.  However, nothing spoils a great deal like the looming power of veto.


Veto has generated many topics on the forums at Dobber Hockey, and most of them are a result of lack of knowledge of veto rules or not having proper rules in the first place.  What becomes so frustrating about each of these topics is that, almost without exception, every single one is preventable.  If you are a commissioner of a league, setting up a new league, or changing rules in an existing league, it is this writer's hope that he can whisk your veto worries away.  While the following is applicable to all league types, it is certainly directed more so at keeper leagues which rely on an explicit set of rules for ongoing success over a long period of time.
What is the job of a fantasy manager?
Simply put, a fantasy manager's job is to manage his team to achieve the outcome he desires.  That outcome might be finishing in a certain position at season's end or achieving a certain team composition, but it doesn't really matter.  The point is that the manager is able to make the decisions that lead to those outcomes.
The decisions a manager makes take into account many things on his own team, including the age and ability of his players, the positional balance on his team, specific scoring needs and position in the standings at any given time.  Each manager looks at all these things (and more) not only in the context of their own team, but also in relation to other teams in the league and within the boundaries of the league's rules.
So what does any of that have to do with veto rules?  Everything.  Poor veto rules take the manager's job away from the manager and place it in the hands of someone else who is not running your team.  Whether that person is the commissioner of the league or the other league managers, their primary concern is not the goals of your team.  The fact is that you are competing against those other managers, so why should they have the opportunity to govern your dealings?  They shouldn't!
What is the point of a veto?
Leagues tend to use vetoes for two reasons: grossly lopsided deals and collusion.  With all due respect to leagues that use vetoes to overturn lopsided deals, stop it!  What did you just read?  A fantasy manager's job is to manage his team to achieve the outcome he desires.  That means that all the other managers in your league are responsible for the same thing in regards to their own teams.&nbs