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The hockey season is now two months old and it’s time to update the Dobber Experts pool.  It’s been interesting to say the least.  As of November 30th, The Comish had a big lead (16.5 points), sitting first in six of the ten categories and second in three others.



Angus was in second and then there’s another drop of 15.5 points to Notch, who’s made some major moves and is closing in fast.  While the lead may seem large, it is not a comfortable one considering how close each of the categories really are (see tables below).  When projected games, injuries, slumps and the excellent hockey knowledge of the guys in pursuit are factored in, this pool is going to come down to the wire.  

Many of the teams are above their projected games, most noticeably at centre. Only two teams (Dobber and Bugg) are under at every position in projected games.  Only time will tell if they have an advantage.  If they are active in adding players at the deficient position(s), they should be able to make up some ground. Of course, Dobber’s team is the most worrisome with many games at hand.

With the Buggman getting squashed, it looks like he will putting his superior prospects expertise to use next year, as it will be a long uphill battle to climb out of the basement this year.

Some teams have been more active on the free agent front than others, ranging from Notch’s 32 moves to Bugg’s zero, with the average being around 16.  

Notch provided us all with some early season entertainment, picking up Nik Antropov on Oct.1.  Then after Antropov’s first game, Notch drops him on Oct.3, posting “I got what I wanted out of Antropov, he is up for grabs now!  Go get him!”.  Notch himself picks Antropov up again on Oct.8 and then promptly releases him the next day.  Angus then gets into the act, picking up Antropov on Oct.12.  Of course, that’s when Antropov really took off, recording six points in his next three games. Another key pick up for Angus was Mike Richards.  

Two important pieces for The Comish were added through free agency; Pascal Leclaire and Chris Osgood.  Dobber scooped Tobias Enstrom and Lanky’s addition of Shawn Horcoff has been worthwhile.  Roman Hamrlik was a nice addition for Duke Power (after Dobber dropped him too early), as was Dan Hamhuis for McKeen’s Magic.  Sticks&Stones smartly added Tomas Plekanec and Notch added the surprising Tim Thomas.

Here’s a summary of the eight trades to date:

Oct. 9
To The Comish:  Budaj Col and Sturm Bos
To Lanky:  Tkachuk StL and Harding Min

Oct. 24
To JP (  Redden Ott and Guerin NYI
To The Comish:  O.Jokinen Fla and M.A.Bergeron NYI

Oct. 29
To Legion of Dobber:  Poti Was
To McKeen’s Magic:  Hamilton Car

Nov. 3
To The Ultimate SC:  Malkin Pit and Brind’Amour Car
To Lanky:  Heatley Ott and Savard Bos

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