Ready or Not, Jiri Comes

J Status


DobberHockey announced changes yesterday (click here to see them ). Among the moves, we welcome J Status into the fold. Status will be taking over the Wild West column from Jeff Angus, who has moved onto a new feature called "Angus Unleashed".

Jiri Hudler


Jiri Hudler has finally arrived as a fantasy viable option for a majority of pools.



In November, Hudler put up 12 points in only 12 games and added another to start December. The most amazing part of this feat is that he’s still receiving less than 10 minutes in some games. He has only increased his average ice time by 1 minute and 38 seconds over last year. When he finally does earn a consistent 15 to 20 minutes… watch out. His production has gone from 30 minutes per point to just over 18 minutes per point. Thus, with 18 minutes of ice time, he could already be a point-per-game player at the age of 23.

He is on pace for 50 points this year, which would double his previous total. Still, this scoring is really no surprise. Due to his limited ice time causing limited results, many people forgot Jiri put up 96 points two years ago in the AHL.  His keeper stock is looking higher than ever with the Red Wings, and the only concern is obtaining minutes with the league’s top team. They have 38 points and the Central Division tops the NHL with 156 points.

The Status Report:

Buy Low:
Milan Michalek, LW, SJ

When planning this article last week, I had hoped to encourage a buy low for the then point-per-game Joe Thornton. Unfortunately, Thornton blew up and went for seven points in his last three games; destroying any chance of a discount. Still, one of his main beneficiaries, Milan Michalek, remains hidden under a veil of slumps and injury. Milan is finally healthy, and has quietly put up three points in his last two. Additionally, he is proving to be a great source for shots this year. Michalek has too much skill (and too much Thornton) to not continue his return to prominence.

Jack Johnson, D, LA

Many expected it, but some may be impatient. JJ’s production has been limited. If your team is rebuilding, trade an older 40-point defensemen for young JJ and reap the rewards when his time comes. Teams in the playoff hunt will likely not want to weight down their team with an unproductive youngster who is hurting their