Over Their Head

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Tomas Holmstrom


(Originally posted by The Hockey News November 30, Antropov's piece updated for relevency)

It’s easy for a fantasy owner to determine which players are ‘buy low’ candidates – usually, players on his or her own team qualify. The ‘sell high’ players, well, that one’s more difficult.



The bottom line is if a player on your team is doing exceptionally well, you attribute that to your fine drafting and evaluating skills. If a player on your team is performing poorly…that has to be just a slump.

Let’s be realistic here. Anyone who has studied hockey stats for any length of time will tell you that hundreds of players over the years have had monster 25-game spurts of offense. Most of these hundreds of players have not turned into superstars.

Here are some players who are over their head right now and it would make sense to trade them immediately for some fantastic return:

Cory Stillman, CAR: With 30 points in 22 games, the 33-year-old Stillman is clearly having a comeback season. After missing most of last year with a couple of different injuries, he is obviously back to the 156 points in 153 games that he posted in the two seasons before that. That would put him in the 75- to 80-point range by April. As he is currently on a 108-point pace, see if you can’t get an 85-point player for him. It will pay off.

Mats Sundin, TOR: The 36-year-old is on a 98-point pace. He hasn’t been in that territory since 1993. For nine straight seasons, Sundin has posted between 72 and 83 points. Don’t count on him suddenly breaking that range this year. Count on him hitting the top part of the window and trade him for his current 95-plus value.

Mike Richards, PHI: A very talented, all-around player and leader in the dressing room, Richards will never see the 103 points that he is on pace for – don’t kid yourself. He might be the most valuable player in Philadelphia, but that is because he has all the tools. The youngster projects to be a 70- or 75-point player who may occasionally reach as high as 85 points, so if you can get a young superstar who you feel more comfortable about getting to 90 points, pull the trigger.

Tomas Holmstrom, DET: He turns 35 in January and his career high is 59 points. Do you really see him continuing his current pace and ending the year with 85? If so, flip me an email and I’ll invite you into my fantasy league. There are some trades I’d love to make with you. I’m hard-pressed to believe he’ll hit 60, but let&rsqu