Doug Weight for Andy McDonald

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Andy McDonald


The Ducks have freed up the cap space that they needed to for next year, and in an unexpected way. The team traded Andy McDonald to the Blues for Doug Weight, Michal Birner and a seventh round pick in the 2008 draft.

Here is the fantasy take.


The Ducks get: plenty of room under the cap next year now, while at the same time bringing in a player who will do everything that McDonald was doing – score at a 50-point pace. While McDonald had the potential to do a lot more, Weight will bring you that very thing. He won't score a point per game, he won't do anymore than he was doing in St.Louis, but he was heating up there and looked to be back on track for 50 and that will continue in California. Michal Birner is so that the team has possibilities for beyond this year. He could one day be a second line winger, but in all likelihood he will be a third-line type.


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The Blues get: a speedy, quality pivot who will probably get a shot right away with Kariya. He clicked with Selanne and I don't see why he can't do the same with Kariya, although the line would lack some size. This is just the boost that McDonald owners needed – look out for a bounce back and a run at salvaging a 65-point season.


Fantasy Players Impacted: Weight's production won't move at all, and as I said above McDonald's will. So will Paul Kariya's. He'll get more goals as opposed to assists now with McDonald as his pivot. Depending on how things shake out, this may have a tiny drag on the production of Brad Boyes, who could shift to center on the second line. Todd Bertuzzi will get his umpteenth chance at turning it around, as it is almost a certainty that Weight will be his new pivot. Any new chance for a slumping player is a good thing.