24K vs. Fool’s Gold (Part 2 of 2)

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Thomas Vanek


In Part II, let’s discuss some players who have not produced at the level that we expect them to. These guys have frustrated their owners to no end with their lack of fantasy production thus far this season and (in many cases) killed fantasy teams in the standings.

Prepare for some unexpected (and some expected) names below:



***The following statistics are accurate as of Wednesday morning, December 19, 2007***

Jaromir Jagr – 23 Points in 33 games. He’s on pace for a 57-point season. The last time he scored fewer than 60 points in a season was his rookie year in 1990-91. 

While some analysts say that Jagr’s recent “back troubles” are the cause of his low production this season, I have a slightly different, more superstitious analysis.

In the preseason pool guide I wrote the following in my article:
“Jaromir Jagr and Michael Nylander have played on the same team for all but 77 games over the past five years. They were both on the Capitals from 2002-03, and joined up again on the Rangers in 2005-06. During the time they were on the same team, Jagr had 296 points in 239 games (averaging 1.24 points a game). In the 77 games without Nylander on his team in 2003-04, Jagr only totaled 74 points in 77 games (an average of 0.96 points a game). Jagr’s production was approximately 23 percent worse without Nylander on his team…”

I’ll let you formulate your own opinion concerning this superstitious reason for Jagr’s huge dip in production this season, but one thing is certain: Jagr is one of the most fickle players in the league. Normally, I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that a difference of linemates could affect any superstar’s game this drastically, but when Jagr’s involved it’s a definite possibility.

Tomas Vanek – 21 Points in 31 games. He’s on pace for 26 goals and 56 points this season.

After finishing third among left wings (behind Dany Heatley and Alex Ovechkin) in goals (with 43) and points (with 84), everyone expected Vanek to match or come close to matching his sophomore season production despite the departure of Daniel Briere and Chris Drury from Buffalo. Obviously this is not the case so far this season.